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Arrive mid-autumn " empty nest " the crisis is highlighted 5 bear hard into old
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The reporter learns from demonstrative base of research center of care of Chinese senile psychology, this center is right mew ” old person undertook 400 “ sky of Nanjing of 60 years old of above sample investigation, the result shows: The “ of empty nest old person of 58.29% feels very alone ” , the person “ of 36.78% feels living uninteresting ” , the person that has 70.83% more appeared the harmful response such as “ insomnia ” .

And the reporter discovers in interview, as social development, ” of “ empty Chao Jiating is young with each passing day change, loneliness assaults an old person not only, still surrounded quite one part is middleaged parents.

How to solve ” of crisis of “ empty nest, relevant expert gave out to suggest not less. Additional, we also think to everybody one suggests, small first mid-autumn long holiday, I wish have more children, come home to reunion with parents!

Empty nest old person

“ is raised the traditional idea that preventing old ” is a Chinese. However, in so big house the ” of “ empty Chao Jiating that remnant old person lives alone is increasing. Whenever close a reuniting day, because reunion and cannot feel dejected with children,total meeting has a few old people.

Receive son telephone call can excited several days

Story 1: Rely on to call everyday solution divert oneself from boredom

Li Xiuzhen is 72 years old

Good not easy when Li Xiuzhen grandma hanged a phone, community director looks communicate time: 29 minutes!

Plum grandma old partner dies early, daughter age also died gently, only son went abroad, had not come back 5 years.

Nowadays, her age is old, leg ministry suffers from varicosity, knee joint still grew spur, can be fond of an a suit sweat easily, she also was disinclined to move. Go out time is little, TV became her close associate, dan Fengnian celebrates a festival a person, heart of her hard to avoid gives birth to loneliness, yearn for gone old partner not only, more longing is far the son that is in abroad. Every time, the son calls come home, she always wants excitement several days, but want a person to bear after all more loneliness.

The year before last year, community did the domestic ” of Le Ling of a “ , offer free housekeeper for old person of orphans and widows only, community also applied for for her. Baby-sitter comes one day only 2 hours, more moment plum the grandma loves to talk on the phone congee, rely on to call everyday divert oneself from boredom, hit to acquaintance, also hit to community. We go to “ every time, her with joy disastrous, playing our hand, do not talk about a hour, she won't let us go. Tang Heyun of ” community director says, plum the grandma is very alone really.

Story 2: Think the son is afraid of again delay him to work

Yang Yanyun is 68 years old
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