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Disabled psychology helps, it is motion of a society
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“ disabled psychology helps each other, it is world pioneering work”

Many netizens raise doubt: Psychology is a profound and complex science, had not sufferred the disabled of professional training, can you undertake psychology helps? On September 7, psychological Dr. Deng that is in American new York tells our newspaper the reporter through mail, “ has the person of this kind of doubtful point, it is to do not have true lane to know psychology at least. ”

Dr. Deng ever regarded referral center of community of new York Chinese as the director, devoted interpose of crisis of psychology of incident of new York “9·11” worked more than 4 years 2001.

Before two many months, he found the Chengdu City to wash face bridge bystreet on a special trip this 10 cramped cabin. The 20 disableds volunteer of bottom of Hunan a surname is squeezed here a many month, finished seismic disaster area 320 limb incomplete person, the psychology of disabled of more than 1000 person-time helps.

This setting moved Dr. Deng. He remembered Pan Shujiao awards leading authority of academia of psychology of the China 20 years ago for many times to enjoin him, “ psychology must walk out of the tower of ivory, must take applied way. If be absent,perfect in real life, can move toward blind lane. ”

Dr. Deng says, the psychology between the disabled helps, normal person is compared in a lot of moment more effective, compare certain psychology expert even more effective. Because they are the disabled, between each other can communicate naturally. The limbs language that professor of Shanxi psychologist moustache thinks disabled psychology helps is alluded, any experts are not replaced.

Dr. Deng introduces, had not discovered the disabled helps precedent to the disabled's psychology on international at present. Of abroad disable psychological, still basically stay in normal person to study to the disabled's psychology. On the plenary meeting of 3 international psychology that in Germany Wucibao, Berlin and Hong Kong held in July 2008, when the psychology after Dr. Deng is introducing Sichuan shake helps experience, cited bottom of Hunan a surname begins what disabled psychology helps to initiate sexual case, aroused the high interest of international psychology academia, “ numerous psychologist thinks, the new measure that this since helps to disabled psychology, also be to consider to disable psychological new start. ”

Natural resources of integrated whole society, act according to actual circumstances satisfies disabled need
The person that shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River produced deformity of how many limbs after all, this number still has no exact count. But concerned personage estimation at least 10 thousand person.

Dr. Deng thinks, the disabled after calamity is the Gao Wei crowd that scar should stimulate an obstacle, it is the captures the hardest part in psychological aid, but the personage of psychological interpose major that China already was in short supply originally, had not sufferred scar basically to should stimulate the training of the obstacle, there is the place of a lot of misgivingses on practice interpose so. He is advocated, grooming professional personage while, guide and help the psychological aid between the disabled and psychological self-help, the psychological ability of new to disentombing old disabled, the confidence that promotes opposite work and courage have tremendous latent capacity.
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