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"The trouble that grow " encounter precocity stirs
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“ talks about love, kiss of the hug that pull a hand can be accepted, cross the border? Not quite good, after all we are too small still. The word of Xiaowu of the 3 students at the beginning of some mirrorred ” downtown now the sexual viewpoint of value of a lot of high school students: Open with each passing day, sensible with each passing day. And before adolescence of high school student of city of China of “ of little place of blueness of courtyard of Shanghai company division teachs group of research ” task, be opposite before long the investigation of 4 cities of countrywide also confirm this be related is solid.

1989, mixed 1999 2004, the adolescent that waits for a city to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan had group of task of ” of research of “ adolescence education 3 times the investigation of adolescent sex consciousness and sexual behavior, waited for the investigation of questionnaire of large sample book that launchs for the object to gather nearly 50 thousand data with high school student, parent and teacher. Recently, the newest investigation data that Yang Jiao of little institute director gives blueness of courtyard of division of company of group leader of this task group, Shanghai to be announced solely to weekly of enter a higher school shows, development of physiology of our country teenage sex from shift to an earlier date to tend continuously stable, in the meantime, our country comes nearly 5 years adolescent sex teachs popularity rate already taller, but quality remains to improve.

[Sexual physiology]

"Area of early " time is stable

Often can hear all round someone says " present child precocity " . From worldwide in light of, adolescent is the overall trend of the sexual physiology development of the mark to submit pitch form with sexual maturity. In light of the investigates 3 times comparison that does from task group around, the overall trend of the sexual physiology development of adolescent of our country city and international is consistent.

Involuntary discharge of urine and menarche are the main mark with mature development of boy girl physiology first, arrived 1989 between 1999, our country is little male girl these two index advance on average range is bigger. And the investigation 2004 shows, age of the involuntary discharge of urine at the beginning of the boy is measured ahead of schedule already not much, and menarche age of the girl is deferred somewhat even. On the whole, basic already stability mixes 12 years old many in 13 years old many.

Yuan Weili Li says task group group, of urban material standard of living rising generally is urban adolescent the " activator that sexual physiology development shifts to an earlier date " . Arrive from 1989 1999, people living standard gets very big improvement, in the meantime, singleton female special status makes " nutrition " of the family pour into is on child body. But in last few years, people living standard already tended stable, eat health care before parents also notice unlike a few years to taste to the child casually in that way, and more notice scientific Yo, this conduces to time of sexual physiology development be being stabilized gradually.
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