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The expert reminds: Column of astral Qiang midge changes protruding of Jian of Y
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To mid-autumn, a lot of in 3 days of holiday that the young person's happiest nothing is more... than uses the Mid-autumn Festival come home visit father and mother. Especially the boy far away from home that those leaving home, when outside tired when, alone when what think most still is a family member. The home is us lee harbour, the home is forever when we are tired can the place of stop on the way for a rest. Have in the home love us most, most be fond of us, care us most, the parents that worries for us momently, we often should come home look. At the moment, do not look for all sorts of reason to decline say to do not have time to answer do not go, what parents hopes is senescent time children often can accompany be beside them! The Mid-autumn Festival, a grown-ups and children happilies gather under the same roof, enjoy family happiness, true it may be said be in harmony of its Le Rong.

Here, special those who remind everybody is, holiday ends, sent children and grand children, abrupt cold and cheerless lets the mood of the old person easily be immersed in trough. In the period of time that a lot of old people just ended in the party, generation lose, can sentimental, doleful, depressed wait for a feeling.

Psychology considers to discover, affection of avery kind of has different order and degree, also having the affection state that opposes to it at the same time, for example insecurity and relaxed, excited with quiet, love and very wait. Will tell commonly, in psychological activity process, emotional order and degree is higher, the psychological brae that appear is bigger also, slip very easily the contrary mood condition to same order and degree. E.g. , we feel special strain for a thing, after this thing is spent, enter special relaxation mentation. Will tell to parents, children and grand children people return the home to let parents very easily feel special particularly lively, happy, and once the party ends, children and grand children leaves, the mood of the old person slips easily to another extreme. Accordingly, children people the mood that should realize parents may appear, take interpose step conciously. The following method helps the conflict of mood of parental slow down effectively.

Give parents sufficient thought preparation. The children that lives in nearly has a meal not to rise to say “ to parents immediately we should walk along ” , should accompany an old person to be met a little however day, “ should be alluded before go we should walk along ” , let the child arrange satchel for instance, some of what business is done even after perhaps mentioning a little while to come home to parents, e.g. : The tomorrow breakfast after I think “ a little while to come home prepares. ”

These behavior and utterance leave in the get away that is you a little while make bedding, let parents have preparation of a psychology.

A telephone call is made to parents after arriving home. To reduce lose sentiment of parents, a telephone call can be made to parents after arrive home, talk about a few more, for instance Liao Liaoxin's a week prepares what to do to wait. In the meantime, also can say the day that comes again next time to be clear about, let parents a kind of consolation feels in the heart, e.g. : “ falls we still come certainly weekend. ”
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