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The person of " of autumn " take things too hard spends spring more middleaged p
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Annual age is season of mental tall hair, the reporter intervened from city psychology crisis the center understands recently, nearly 4000 when this center receives every year appeal, in advisory phone, have apparent suicide tendency occupy become, among them the half presses muscularity because of the life, and scale of ” of autumn “ take things too hard spends spring high.

This center psychology seeks advice from division to bark wisdom introduces, from received phone analysis, the cause that causes ” of “ take things too hard basically involves pressure of feeling, job, human relation, life to wait, because the life presses the person of ” of muscularity “ take things too hard,occupy half above among them. Be in especially autumn, face new study pressure, affect these explicit inducement such as body and mind plus the weather when change garments according to the season, the person that all can urge invigorative medical history comes on afresh.

Lian Zhong of Liu of doctor of vice director of center of town drive sanitation says, 35 years old arrive 44 years old, the middleaged person that climbs slope period ” at life “ because career, family, foster the child, pressure that raises the many sided such as the old person, became the main crowd of ” of “ take things too hard. In addition, the liability of old person suicide of 60 years old of above is more serious also, basically be disease, loneliness cause. Suicidal crowd is medium last year, autumn death proportion is higher than spring 2% .

Liu Lianzhong introduces, the suicide is the 5th roughly dead reason of our country, it is 15~34 year old the deadly reason with the mainest crowd. Among them 1.38 times female number is the male. In the suicide or suicidal abortive person in, the person of 60% contracts serious and depressed disease.

Liu Lianzhong says, prevent the suicide without efficient way at present, but intervene through the crisis, suicidal happening can decrease on certain level. If build harmonious domestic concern, parentage and human relations in society, also can promote people spirit health.

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