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Xinhua net: Song of order of melon of admire of Yao of salary of unhealthy envir
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A lot of audiences remember profundity to this one act on Beijing Olympic Games: Woman before natant final of 10 kilometer marathon, dutuoyite of south Africa athlete gets off below the eyes of the public are fixed on sth the metallic artificial limb that installs on right leg, cautious rely on it to be in sit on chair edge, then alone the leg plunges in water, and other 24 worlds are top class and perfect person athlete with field athletics.

“ is in previously, I dare not get off before alien face artificial limb, be afraid of draw barpque eye. But I am OK now unusual calm ground faces it. An autocycle accident when 17 years old let me lose left leg, but I still can realize a dream. Motion makes me very happy, the life everyday very wonderful. Dutuoyite of 24 years old says ” .

On history of this south Africa first attend the Olympic Games and incomplete at the same time the girl of abstruse meeting, swim to terminus in the 16th. She is in incomplete harvested gold of level of S9 of 100 meters of butterfly stroke on abstruse meeting, break oneself retentive world record. These two matches are in “ differ without what in my eye, disabled tournament competition is likewise intense, we proved to the whole world the disabled can be done weller. ”

Incomplete abstruse meeting is grand meeting of a sports, also be a psychological grand meeting that shows human brightness, incentive people to go all out to become strong. Competition ground inside and outside, yi of countless “ Du Tuo is special ” although body incomplete however annals firm, go all out in work tenaciously, be brave in to challenge, those who explaining life is wonderful and multicolored, countless disableds friend picks up drive again life confidence.

The disabled: Annals of incomplete of body of rough life journey not incomplete

In win damage for Chinese gig team after first gold on abstruse meeting history, the first thing that week Yang Jing of 27 years old does gets off namely artificial limb, accumulate the sweat teem inside to come. “ trains a quantity at ordinary times very big, artificial limb often is met a ham root ministry is worn-out. Sweat is widing inside cut, auger feel distressed. She says ” .

When week Yang Jing is two years old, one has sailed the tractor of door mouth snatched her the much of right leg. Dragon of her bill of two-men gig companion because an accident when 6 years old, bring about double leg to be out of shape by serious burn.

Rowing motion is the challenge of limits of pair of athlete physical ability, more hard to disabled athlete. Recently a year in preparing for war, they train above 8 hours everyday.

“ often sees on TV the athlete stands on the stage that receive award in one's childhood, but had never thought oneself also can make the Five-Star Red Flag high rise. Winning gold is in going two years to us all paying approbate, also bring us more self-confidence and joy. ” week Yang Jing and monadlist dragon do not restrain excited tear.
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