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Yao Ming is entered 8 years for the first time plain the travel of relieve the p
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Yao Ming arrived eventually Sichuan, arrived this horizontal stroke meets with on the day disaster, land that suffer misery.

After complete star surpasses the CBA that this was 2000, yao Ming 8 years since enter for the first time plain, also be apparently from “512 the impact is the biggest since ” of shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, be paid close attention to most enter with individual name plain relieve the people in disaster and condolatory. From “5.12” up to now, exceed 4 months time, the dweller of disaster area basically got appropriate is arranged, national government is providing disaster relief medium transparent with executive strength, a large number of enterprises are in the help sb generously with money before national calamity, make a person remain fresh in one's memory. All sorts of capital providing disaster relief and goods and materials with hundreds 100 million plan, disaster area is beginning to walk out of the fear that natural disaster brings. Pain always strokes Ping Ruchu hard, but had begun scabby.

On Yao Ming's body, bringing multiple capacity. He is the famousest giant on Chinese history, it is the giant that Chinese body has international force most on Yo history, it is the Chinese sporting world in sheet of all sorts of investigation a list of names posted up at the same time individual head is rich. Sporting world China head rich identity, make Yao Ming caused a trouble in the contribute money that gives disaster area, make he censures generally in the experience on the network. But actually, of Yao Ming rich, just be full of mediumly in sporting world athlete. Although the direct contribution of his heretofore exceeds 2 million, include to contribute build hope elementary school inside donate amount to exceed 16 million, and affirmatory the foundation durative help to disaster area, but these capital are aided financially in what cross place of this infrequent natural disaster to need, paragraph, large company is approved in the country still comparative in contributory amount tiny. His enter plain, more is what give plain person the victim in inner world is placatory. The travel overweight spirit of relieve the people in disaster, and be absent gold, this is an international giant star rebuilds in plain person the greatest help that can offer on the heart road of home.

The people when disaster area slowly was far from disaster, the earth in was far from a heart howls, the memory with blusterous mountains and rivers-land, also must try to be far from the family member disperse, anguish that rips a heart to crack lung, sichuan —— China's gentlest, happy this now city-state, begin to collecting life afresh. In the memory of people, sichuan never has encountered on chiliad history make so the catastrophe of force of bend of the whole nation. Here is one of treasure ground with Chinese the famousest civilization, zhuge of the person that the spirit of person of move plain of consecrate of ancestral temple of Chengdu Wu Hou protects bless is bright, he is in " be opposite in grand " in say: Danger of “ beneficial city fills in, wo Ye a thousand li, the land of abundance, great-great-grandfather so in order to become line of business of the Supreme Being. Such ” history and tradition, modelled plain person's able-bodied, self-sufficient, hopeful nature. In whole summer, sichuan is the world that Bei of a grief suffers from, but go when nightmare, the nature of plain person will return eventually. They need those who come from whole world to aid financially, but in aid financially besides, let Sichuan return to the basis of weather government office, it is a help they are searched and weigh model plain person to refuse to obey, do not be afraid of, happy spirit is begged in suffering.
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