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Shanghai Changning court judge to create Counselor
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"Thank you not only broken the case, but also resolved for many years and I hear his knot ah!" Recently, the Shanghai Changning District People's Court with the successful mediation of the dispute adjacent Zhang and Lee, Zhang of the Court "psychologist judges" very grateful. The hospital will train counselors and judges, combined, will be introduced to psychology in all aspects of trial work, to create both "method statement" and solution "knot," the psychologist judges. They have organized a total of three batches of 55 police officers took part in the Concert, De Ruimu psychological training institutions and other well-known national secondary counselor training, has made two counselors, 30 were eligible. Attend psychological counseling under the tutelage of first receiving letters and visits extended to participate in all aspects of court work and improve the case and withdrawal rate. The first half of this year, the hospital three people eight counselors court judges and withdrawal of cases 1023, accounting for the Court and withdrawal of the 81.4% of the total number of cases. Drawn up a "qualified counselors and police officers involved in resolving Disposition of Complaints implementation of part-time service views (Trial)", set up a fixed carrier counselor practice, so that the team gain experience in practice, effectively training achievements for the court performance.
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