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Shanghai Hongkou District series of psychological counseling training commenced
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In line with the Hongkou District, "Magnolia happy home," the follow-up counseling services to the operation of the brand, recently, by the Shanghai Hongkou District Women's Federation, Bureau of Justice, Bureau of Health, jointly organized the "Magnolia Happy Home" series of psychological counseling training classes, to invite the spirit of Hongkou District Health Center Director Zhang Shaoping entitled "Psychological Biases of letters received in the discovery and guidance," the first lecture, the District Legal Aid Centre, the District Women's Legal Aid Center receptionist, street Women's Federation President, director of the Institute of Justice, full-time mediation members, community volunteers, counseling services, some of the RC on behalf of the Director of Women, mediation officers and more than 100 people attended the training. Zhang Shaoping Dean has 30 years of extensive clinical experience, and his explanation easy to understand, easy to understand, convenient and practical, through the analysis of ancient and modern celebrity familiar temperament, personality, temperament were presented with four categories of features to help you correctly identified at the reception, which use a different language skills to improve work efficiency; by analyzing the "murder case of Yang Jia," treatment of some cases in person to introduce a normal six basic psychological characteristics, guiding us in the reception in the discovery and identification of psychological problems, which lead them to accept some basic knowledge of psychological counseling. How the development process in the city to protect public health, especially mental health, to make life better, has become a great concern all levels of government and social issues. Next, Hongkou District Women's Federation will also join hands area counselor associations in a series of training seminars, while the gradual creation of communities in the streets "psychological counseling House", invited volunteers to join the counseling services, and gradually promote the "Magnolia happy home" brand that psychological counseling as a regional pattern in a large holding stability of special forces, a service brand trusted by the masses.
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