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PEPC up in 2011 soon counselor certification examination for
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Since the rise of psychological counseling industry has been seen as equated with the high treatment, called a "gold collar industries." However, the industry in China through regular psychological counseling, professional training, the number of non-professional psychological counseling Often scarce. Statistics show that China probably has hundreds of millions in need of professional psychological counseling or psychological treatment. The experts generally believe that China has only 50,000 more than counselors, there are 476,000 of the gap. As the counseling profession continues to mature, the level of professional competence in Shanghai Psychological Association Office of the United psychology test well-known experts, the development of PEPC up the level of professional competence counselor certification system, the system is The most perfect domestic level and has a very professional one certification system. The establishment of the system, improve the professional competence of the certified counselors blank, and with international standards, the international advanced concepts into counseling The domestic assessment of the counselor, have a scientific evaluation of management standards and professional teaching support service system. Shanghai Psychological Society, the experts pointed out: PEPC up counselors certification system is rare in China, a senior psychologist in the certification system. The certification system-level team of experts led by the dean of design, to cancel school Calendar constraints, breaking industry fortress. 2011 Shanghai PEPC up counselor certification exam details: First, apply the conditions Name Degree PEPC primary up counselors want to learn psychology to improve the mental health skills, interested in learning techniques of psychological counseling staff. Intermediate PEPC PEPC held up junior counselors registered psychologist certificate or certificates held by the same level of ability. Advanced registered psychologist PEPC PEPC intermediate holding up psychologist certificate or certificates held by the same level of ability. PEPC up who enroll in examination counselors training institutions are required to complete a specified number of hours provided. Second, certification Completion of training institutions in the provisions specified number of hours and get after passing the examination, obtain the Shanghai Psychology Association awarded the "PEPC registered counselors" certificates. Third, the training institutions Psychological Society, Shanghai, Shanghai East China authorized personnel training college counselor for the PEPC up one of the first training base. Personnel training in China directly under the Shanghai East China Talent Network Training Institute, training in psychology was Relevant state departments to support and co-counseling industry, a collection of high-quality teachers, from psychological counseling theory, practical skills training, job qualification certification, industry certification to improve their professional ability of many . Meanwhile, the East China Shanghai Talent Training Institute also known psychological consulting work with the agencies, to provide internship opportunities for students free of charge. Fourth, the examination application related issues Registration Time: November 30, 2010 enrolled students may participate in the examination during the first half of 2011; Registration Address: No. 3553 Zhongshan North Road, Putuo District (stretching Building) 12th Floor Registration Phone :021 -51860002 Training Registration Venue: Shanghai East China Institute of Personnel Training Tel :021 -51,860,002
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