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Enjoy the "play" in the New Century Middle School Hidden Anxiety Solutions of
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Today, many schools have built a counseling room, but many students are afraid to enter because of them face to face communication may be some loss. Kaiyuan, Changning District, has built a secondary school 200 square meters of mental health education center, which is different from psychological counseling, but by sand table, graffiti and other forms of the game, so that students enjoy the "play", the teacher carefully "hear" the use of alternative methods to resolve the child's psychological counseling learning, parenting, etc. are confused. 13-year-old Wenwen day at noon into the consulting room, sat alone in a corner, playing sandbox games. Pick up the little girl kept skeletons, angels and other models placed in the sand table, his brow wrinkled. Chen Yan psychology teacher noticed something was amiss came to play model games accompany her and gently asked: "Do you usually come into contact with these things? Why think of them?" Wenwen and pick a cross props gracefully, slowly, said: " Angel and the cross is the embodiment of grandmother. " After careful inquiry, Chen know, the original Wenwen grandmother recently died, dealt a serious blow to her parents, and said, "like Grandma," they are not taken seriously. Chen feedback this information to parents, they only pay attention to it, spend more time with his daughter. Mental health education center, "vent wall" and "love hug people" is the most popular student of psychological expression. A whole side "vent wall" graffiti area students, they write their own troubles or regret to order something, tell myself to be corrected. "Love Hug people," the game more by some shy, reserved, love for children, when they are not self-confidence, making friends, when poor, and Santa Claus Baoyi Bao, can increase confidence and warmth. Education experts believe that psychological hotline, whispering advice compared to other common mailbox, this alternative method is more psychological counseling students to meet the psychological, like a "spiritual playground", with props and games to narrow the psychological distance between teacher and student, so that children gradually open up.
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