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Politics and Law Shanghai Institute of Mental Health for the three systems pro
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Comprehensive mental health education for college students an integral part of quality education. Over the years, Shanghai Institute of Political attaches great importance to children's psychological health education, mental health in the protection of the formation of three major systems development. One is the psychological quality education system. Institute of Mental Health through the opening, ideological and moral training, counseling psychology and other compulsory or elective courses, students cover the whole hospital, the popularization of psychological science to the students the basic knowledge, skills training, psychological adjustment, and improve the provision of mental health and mental quality method to understand the performance of common psychological problems, causes, prompting attention to mental health students to the scientific mind to deal with various psychological problems. The second is psychological counseling syste m. College Counseling Center has a separate day for the whole faculty and students to provide psychological counseling services free of charge. The center employs four part-time counselors. According to incomplete statistics, psychological counseling center to receive visitors in 2008 178 people, received 217 visits in 2009, ended in November 2010 has received 160 visitors, in addition to the network, telephone, SMS, etc. annual average of 140 people to receive visitors. At the same time, psychological counseling centers also when emergencies occur psychological crisis intervention, to reduce the psychological pressure around the group of students, ease their emotions. The third system is the psychological prevention system. This system is mainly done by the student workers. In the daily management of student work, student leaders developed a regular Xuegong Ban on duty, talking, into the classroom, and instructor contact, into the bedroom, and parents to contact, and class meetings, Moral Education, ten security early warning system to ensure that the counselor teachers at work and can find problems and deal with problems. Especially in terms of security early warning and crisis intervention, Xuegong Ban in particular developed a "student management on further strengthening the early warning and crisis intervention safety notice" to ensure that a major incident or emergency information submitted to the channels and crisis intervention mechanism. "To take preventive measures, early warning and psychological counseling to do more to ensure the safe operation of work." Xuegong Ban ideological and political chief of the Li-Yan Zhang said. Under the system, security system, each department developed specific implementation plans. Such as the Department of Economics and Management to establish a "special group of students five mode system, specialized Paimo statistics, the person seeking psychological counseling and assistance counselors, submitted to treatment, timely reporting of lead and tell their parents" and other related systems to ensure that the work the normal development. In the counselor's daily work, in addition to the psychological health of freshmen outside the file, "many times, the bedroom, and more discussion," Mental health issues Mo Pai is an important method. Economic Management Department counselor Zhuhui Bo, the "identified the problem, for more exchanges with his own, and the students around him for more exchanges to explore the root causes of psychological problems, try to change the living environment, create conditions to ease mood." It is worth mentioning that, in order to facilitate the professional work force of students, professional building, and to further improve student mental health education, Xuegong Ban counselors to develop targeted for counseling related to training. It is understood that Xuegong Ban selected each year from 2007 to participate in counseling training course instructor, has sent 12 counselors were selected, including three counselors have made counselors intermediate certificate, and a further two counselors participated in training of professional consultants, which has made a career mid-level consultant. Meanwhile, Xuegong Ban psychologists each year to be invited from time to time mental health education seminars. Mental health of college students college students growth and success, relationships and healthy development of students overall. Law Institute of the three systems of education and teaching has become a daily routine services, and student work project for Mental Health Law Institute to provide security services.
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