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Psychology of about 20% dwellers is in Beijing inferior health makes an appointm

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Yesterday, commissarial plum Xiao Tong refers city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference the proposal establishs market of mental health of standard of management department of trade of Beijing mental health.
Li Xiao child introduces, the dweller mentality that Beijing has 20% about is in inferior health, the person that has 3% about among them suffers from affection obstacle, the person that has 5% about contracts depressed disease, severe social psychology problem makes mental health industry got rapid development. But because lack unified, effective management department and corresponding regulations system, existing the good and bad are intermingled of level of not perfect, advisory division, rate does not have system of admittance of psychological advisory orgnaization a lot of problem such as Zhang Ke abide.

Proposal of Li Xiao child is integrated each respect resource, establish management department of trade of Beijing mental health as soon as possible, integrate market of administrative mental health. Build industry admittance system, make psychology seek advice from occupation standard and rate; To undertaking grooming regularly from personnel of course of study, undertake aptitude attestation to referring division trade.

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