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" new weekly publication " plum of chief editor dialog merit
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Plum merit, sino-Japanese

Friendly hospital psychology seeks advice from division. CCTV " news receives a visitor hall " , " truth fact says " , " psychological interview " , beijing TV station " psychological time " , broadcasting station of central people broadcast " star night talks " , " affection world " expert of psychology of engage by special arrangement. " parents is read surely " , " cummer " , " vogue is healthy " wait for magazine columnist.
Plum merit is 2007 China year year of Xin Ruibang “ knows molecular ” winner. Still bigger than knowing popular feeling “ knows ” ? The psychologist that understands thoroughly human nature already became the “ massagist ” that this deeply anxious society cannot leave. After awarding prize the following day, made an appointment with go to Mr. Li home “ massages ” . So he is an individual to feel pulse not merely, the state of mind that also is happy to be a country is felt pulse. His tirelessly path comes, let you believe: The country also is a person. ——— Feng Xincheng (" new weekly publication " chief editor)

“ socially the person with famous so much, why can you be me? ”

Plum merit: What is knowing an element? I am returned now not quite know.

Feng Xincheng: The first those who offer this term is Wang Shuo. He at that time is acid, say: Some of person professes is an intellectual, actually at best is to know an element nevertheless. 2001, we gave a “ to bring order out of chaos the special subject of ” , cry " to know the element greets " . Means is mixed in this information media times, a few “ know ” and can “ path ” gives comer, it is a kind of new-style intellectual configuration. That is to say, new weekly publication changes it into a new vocabulary. There is Wang Luxiang, Wu Sai, Wang Shouzhi in what this award gets before you, on one is Li Yinhe.

Plum merit: I am thanked very much. China has a word to cry, know more, know lesser, describe the person's modesty.

Feng Xincheng: ” of massagist of the “ in knowing prize-giving demit this word can affront you?

Plum merit: Do not have. Japan and Korea often say, psychology seeks advice even if psychology is massaged. China need not massage this view, because have different meanings,be. But in abroad this word did not abstain from. Resemble Korean or Japanese, like to make the environment very elegant when seek advice, very human nature is changed, putting background music, very comfortable, air temperature, humidity adjusts so that suit you most, let you sit the most comfortably, seek advice again next.

Feng Xincheng: But you knew to win a prize or have a few shock.

Plum merit: Because I think, socially the person with famous so much, why can you be me?

In the center of “ a few policy, very the principle that accords with psychology”
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