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" new weekly publication " plum of chief editor dialog merit
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Feng Xincheng: You are in " psychological monthly magazine " on say to need a journal really now. Our magazine also has had the selection of subject of many masses psychology, resemble " ill happy move " , still have " sleep to be not worn " , " Chinese pressure reports " , " a kind of bane makes succeed " , it is the topic about social state of mind. We are this society up or the “ angst ” in advancing is unscrambled with his perspective.

Plum merit: Want not to want to know updated angle?

I feel Chinese economy appears such circumstance is inevitable. Because from planned economy this one very inflexible economy turns to free economy, need a long time. Below the culture setting that is in China especially, need has for a long time, can appear for a time even disorder, turbulent. This is a potential motive force actually.

China should expand economy quickly, just beginning affirmation did not make clear order. If expand economy according to western means at the beginning, china develops not to rise forever, because do not have motivation, it needs a power, go to another in order from orderly, inevitable meeting passes a few disorders, it is muddleheaded condition. You look, water opened be chaos, but energy is very big. What kind of businessman has, what kind of economy phenomenon has, this as it happens proves potential economy motivation of China is tremendous. If at the beginning according to the United States or the economic system with mature England will do, economy is met probably collapse. Because a copy kept as a record is poor, just need random ” of a “ to come scrape up motivation.

This motivation lets everybody go after a success, this desire is very terrible, this is the power that Chinese economy expands, no matter be Wen Zhou or Shenzhen, everybody resembles mad same. It is bad it seems that, moral ethics is going backwards, dan Conghong view will observe, china should reach world economy level, it is impossible inside short time the power with so great scrape up. Chinese adjustment estate, often feel to adjust so that be no good, still going up. If central true one club hit estate, chinese economy can appear troublesome.

That is to say, if talk from complexity thinking, each modulatory direction did not have the effect, perhaps rise to combat the effect, this kind disturbs is the most effective instead. Resemble butterfly effect, do not go touching core that thing. Each society has place of a core, if we go touching, so this society faces risk. Estate also is such, we are done bit by bit, such both neither affect the impetus that economy rises, disturb sooner or later can make estate rational change slowly. But if use administrative method to enforce,reason is changed, probable outcome is estate breaks down, even economy breaks down. From the point of psychology, this kind of management is ability safety, active. From the point of industrial angle, slowly disturb to be able to achieve reason to change finally.
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