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The central a few policy that come on stage now are very interesting, very the principle that accords with psychology. E.g. Shenzhen mode, when Deng Xiaoping says Shenzhen mode, this mode does not exist. But be accepted because of this idea, transmission, this mode rose abruptly. Bush is carried rarely now terroristic. Why? Because itself of this kind of information is met,allow terroristic increase namely.

Psychologist why verbal discretion? We publicize health to be able to creat healthy. Somebody was created inferior healthy this word, result we with respect to Dou Yajian health. Why? This word describes a system on behalf of a kind, if we are described according to this system, we are inferior healthy, fatigue perhaps and integrated proof. The doctor no matter this, but psychological doctor is right this is very sensitive. It is instinctive and important that I discuss after all in Beijing University with Central Bank assistant president rational still and important, conclusion is instinctive, it is actuation, without what rational. General I am the angle from human nature will ponder over economic phenomenon.

“ pendulum has been placed to east”

Feng Xincheng: Chen Dan's green description is, this country is entering the turn of life now.

Plum merit: That does not make the turn of life, it is adolescence. Our nation is too young, still be a cheeper of 5 years old even, quite naughty, you do not let him what do, dry what is he not. The turn of life is to do not have motivation, fast consenescence, resembling Europe may be the turn of life. I now outside advocate, chinese economy is in rapid growth, although China is in the patent income of originality and high-tech respect is very few, but the culture of the world is in deflection is Oriental, whole world is talking about Oriental culture.

When rational thought has not entered China, chinese economy is very powerful and prosperous still; Begin to enter China when reason, when we begin to teach ocean to learn, chinese economy ebbed quickly, because our economy cannot get used to rational thought. The Chinese is too perceptual. China does not have industry, it is handicraft industry, it is relative that Chinese economic depression follows culture.

And come 10 this years recently, the west is studying Oriental culture, offer a very bright point of view now, that is Yellow River culture. Say to there are two old cultures on the world, one is the Yellow River, one is Nanhai namely Aegean. Now is Yellow River culture surmounted Aegean, rational thought is in glide. No matter be in which industry, linear logic is already nonexistent, use even physics biologic principle. Biologic dispute is linear, the twin of one egg a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant, although face posture looks,be same, but in light of enlarge, meeting discovery has a lot of to differ. Biology is logistic without linear, without consistency.

A lot of course want the west to find a basis in Oriental culture now, just be science. Oriental culture begins to invade the west, chinese development is affirmative. As to the choice what kind of economic system lets Chinese development go down, that is the thing of economist. Rational science developed millenarian ability to enter China, china just begins decline. Millenarian perhaps later, oriental culture can be crushing the whole world, but what be after all? We cannot foreknow. But from pendulum theory for, this pendulum has been placed to east.
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