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“ psychology doctor wants do-nothing and treat”

Feng Xincheng: Is psychology the softest thing?

Plum merit: Psychology is the softest. Psychology sees less than feeling be not worn, of psychological research is culture, it is informatics, how does research handle information. So right head develops the person, right head is in charge of a sense organ, before rational thought did not develop, right head just is advantage hemisphere. The character is the result that human reason thinking develops, only the mankind can write, conversation, this should lean left head. We read a script, it is Zun Naoxian goes understanding, put right head next, again integrated understanding is full piece meaning. Left head block is aphasia, we call the person that cannot communicate fool. The Chinese is originally give priority to with right head, hesperian left head develops quite. I appeal the parent develops right head thinking energetically. Feng Xincheng: Are you left head or right head develop?

Plum merit: I am more balanced. My lecture logic is very strong, but my perception achieves status of a vacant again. Psychological doctor knows, all “ have ” to follow us to be concerned to explicit objective report, reflect individual factor only, so psychologist can maintain in him heart intelligent can state, without, empty, without. Depressed disease cannot see in my eye, the descriptive way that I know to you use depressed disease only will describe yourself, and your body begs expression of the ground like card to give depressed state in ego. But I know this process is you immanent propose form, so I know, those things are in make you are willing to be done so, that is to say, psychological doctor is “ bodhi does not have a tree originally, bright mirror also is not stage ” . Should do-nothing and treat.

E.g. a very good female, via living one day temptation followed others to go up bed, after the event regretted, want to commit suicide. The evaluation that those who make her painful is her and heart are done not have more the thing of accommodate to sb. What we should analyse is her why afflictive and want to commit suicide. Want to find her core concept, handle this concept next, raise a question to her around this concept, let more the thing that she sees more is different, feasibility. We do not tell her how to be solved, but our discussion can offer such feasibility to her, relaxed, humorous, slowly, the knot of her heart was opened. Psychological doctor cannot provide any information, but I can be found from her heart can make the thing of the molten in her heart, achieved psychotherapy so. This is aeriform.

“ if you are mad, I am madder than you”

Feng Xincheng: Face the person that seek advice, did not listen irritated when?

Plum merit: Be such, when we hear the story of others, it is to be being analysed actually, hearing the story of story backside. We are full of creativity. Do with anybody seeking advice is different, say e.g. everybody he is to force disease, 10 force what I meet disease make 10 kinds differ completely according to his disposition, agree with only his advisory means. Psychological doctor should form a such alliance with party namely, we should go ourselves a psychedelic state that can enter him, it is same that this follows an actor, the actor performs what part to be able to blend in his go in.
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