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" new weekly publication " plum of chief editor dialog merit
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Feng Xincheng: Do you need a show occasionally?

Plum merit: Very it's hard to say is a performance, but the inner world that we can enter him, feel him hard. Above all we do not regard the thing that looks clammy as clammy, however a kind of phenomenon that human inner world exists, want to try to understand and admit this kind of phenomenon. A psychologist of American has said: If you are mad, I am madder than you. I should use a kind of mad complex ability to understand you truly quite, only bedlamite and bedlamite ability communicate truly.

Feng Xincheng: We see on TV you, it is the figure of an opposite symbolism.

Plum merit: This is not my actual figure, because the CCTV asks the expert's figure wants gravity,that is, want to have particular general character. But in the life I can calm very easily. I can communicate with the person that seek advice with very peaceful manner.

Feng Xincheng: You know you have a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch, you how look upon your vermicelli made from bean starch? Have in reality interact?

Plum merit: Most begin me to consider as a kind of strange embryo the phenomenon, accepted later. Actually everybody needs an image from personal heart, I also had said on rich guest, the plum that they like merit it is a screen go up that, it is my one part only. I outside lecture never the flavour of what expert, told a class I dance with them ah, sing, be contacted with everybody namely with me the most natural.

(vermicelli made from bean starch) I disappear. I want to place some of good literary works to go up to look to them only after guest having gain. I research information. What I can do exclusively is evasive. When certain information grow in quantity, our intelligence can be affected, want sensible, clever land so evasive drop a few information, make information balanced.

My pursuit is additional kind, but buckle very closely with the mainstream again; Do not oppose the main aspect, but the reflection that can make brim of a few mainstreams go up, the thinking that allows authority and intelligence become a bit opener, think of more possibility, is not inflexible, onefold logic.

“ this is psychological, you very true and false of it's hard to say”

Feng Xincheng: Do you have when saying true word? ——— hopes to do not have affront you.

Plum merit: Will tell doing not have what word is true holiday from philosophy, because be nonexistent really. If saying in servent of some kind of environment, you feel is falsehood, this is the feeling of others only, to party, if he says, be sense of reality suffers.

We often emphasize in psychology, some people lie, but we get information from inside lie, far more than what get from inside true word. Actually, saying lie is the prerogative of everybody almost. You cannot say they are to saying lie, however the section that his heart filled ego to the existence, feeling to the world, so he speaks the thing extraordinary that come.
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