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Shenzhen is ab extra pressure of psychology of Wu work staff is concerned with l
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" Shenzhen business signs up for " the reporter learned from city Kang Ning hospital on December 24, hot line of interpose of first psychology crisis opens Shenzhen 3 years to come, receive on average everyday listen to 60 to appeal phone, produced favorable social result.
Crisis of Shenzhen city psychology intervenes sign of central director Lin Xiong says, the professional team that psychological crisis intervenes the hot line has to seek advice from division to comprise by 20 expert of 7 part-time jobs, psychology. Seek advice to intervene with the crisis phone data is analysed according to 3336 random and draw-out psychology, psychological crisis appeals phone 80% inside city, 20% outside coming from Baoan, Long Gang and Shenzhen city. Among them, the female in the person that appeal is occupied 60% , the male is occupied 40% , average age is 27 years old. Great majority causes the problem of psychological crisis to be concerned with love, marriage and career more. The person that appeal 75% for hobo, the psychological pressure that shows foreign service is versed in than census register population is faced with is greater. In addition, the psychological problem that does not have course of study and student group also deserves social attention.

Lin Xiong bid shows, next, the our city sinks the force that intervenes psychological crisis to community, build network of psychological crisis interpose. Current, baoan area slow a specialized hospital relies on center of its mental hygiene, had opened the hot line of psychological crisis interpose that whole town basically is foreign service worker worker the first times to serve (0755-27673199) , through the person labour and automatic speech serve, offer for masses psychology coachs and support.

In the meantime, seek advice from working grand opera as our city psychology, next year of center of interpose of city psychology crisis still will consult foreign current practice, take the lead in beginning psychological crisis interpose to work to the large company, enterprise that cross a state. Regard a welfare of the enterprise as the system, develop psychological reduce pressure for company staff by professional psychology doctor. Before this, center of interpose of city psychology crisis has belonged to mechanism in partial city pilot begin the work such as concern of decompression and management, harmonious spouse to officeholder, be welcomed generally.

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