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China starts children psychology and project of commonweal of medical treatment
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The famous commonweal personage such as He Zhenliang of honorary president of Olympic committee of Gu Xiulian of vice-chairman of standing committee of National People's Congress of Chinese whole nation, China, be in today it is foundation of girl of “ China children jointly here - ” of fund of care of health of 863 nets children uncovers health plaque, start home formally to be opposite first psychology of Chinese children girl, healthy the beneficent project that has long-term durative help somebody in danger or difficulty.

This project is China base can obtain what be aimed at children psychology direction directly to donate first, the mark is worn China mentions children psychology salvation a very significant strategy position first. Of direction of this second children psychology donate basically use at community deliverance of special children psychology and the teacher that deliverance of psychology of children staying behind works groom. Ceremonially, china base 863 nets signed meeting and health to undertake to Chinese children girl jointly psychology, healthy the agreement of commonweal strategy cooperation that has long-term durative help somebody in danger or difficulty. Gu Xiulian represents China base can accept health 863 nets head period 5 million yuan donate, start fund as the project.

China base can vice-president Feng temper by dipping in water says, at present children of our country country staying behind already amounted to 20 million people, show the trend that continues to grow. Because parents was not together for a long time with children, partial children staying behind is in the issue such as act of the life, education, psychology, ethics and safety is outstanding. The commonweal of education of rustic teacher psychology related children staying behind grooms no time to delay.

He Zhenliang greets to the person that makes contribution for children commonweal career on the meeting, point out, the dream of hundred years Olympic Games of Chinese people becomes reality eventually this year, and Olympic Games dream is powerful nation dream. Of country and nation powerful and prosperous should begin from the child, only our child has able-bodied physique and perfect intelligence, ability competes in future the get victory on intense international large stage, ability makes powerful nation dream of the Chinese becomes reality.

It is reported, be in China base in the project of deliverance of dredge of psychology of Chinese children girl of ” of in good health plan of “ of activity of meeting brand commonweal, ” of center of moral education of community of “ of foundation of girl of children of federation of woman of whole nation of place of psychology of 863 nets, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, China mixes health “ is in good health groom central ” will various hand in hand, begin “ to walk into community, activity of care of truth of big core of care children ” and “ dredge of online psychology of 1000 psychology expert”Large commonweal activity. At the appointed time, the psychologist that will have 1000 above and psychological worker provide service of free commonweal psychology dredge for global Chinese.
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