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How to choose psychological doctor?
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Show to the investigation of diabetic wardmate psychogenic disorder, its incidence of a disease is as high as 30 % ~ 50 % . Hair of most sick company is depressed with angst symptom, among them many wardmate contract depressed disease, affected pair of diabetic cure and rehabilitation badly, accordingly, the treatment that chooses proper psychological doctor to participate in wardmate appears particularly important.
How to choose your psychological doctor, does ability provide best guidance and help to you?

Choose the element of Lv of the take an examination when psychological doctor

1, the professional setting that knows a doctor, hold job seniority, advisory experience, and ever had sufferred why to plant education and training, he Zhu is made etc.

2, the public praise of advertent psychology doctor, good doctor always can be alluded by the friend and recommend. In wait to see a doctor when, regular meeting of classics of the person that beg ask exchanges the view to the doctor, want to listen to those and doctor to hold the opinion of the consult guest of very chief concern especially, they should reach the designated position to the doctor's feeling a few.

3, him attention is right the doctor's feeling. Good psychological doctor has very strong character charm and affinity, make wardmate feels safe, comfortable, be loved, be respected, be admitted with self-identity. He can initiate the desire that you pour out, guide you to go thinking, ego is analysed and abstemious, understand you hard, press close to you, is not to control you, evaluate you, directive you. When you blame others, he will be silent; When you review yourself, he will be gratified. He listens very more, conversation is very few, but every word may be a kind of new visual sense, let you find a new scope of operation.

4, search the psychological doctor that bosom is widened and is full of love. Master newest knowledge and idea easily because of this kind of doctor not only, the patience that because they often can keep enough,returns has treatment going down.

5, search the psychological doctor that has inspiration and creation mind. Treating a process is complex with hardship, it needs to wisdom and new method resolve the new issue that appears ceaselessly in cure, need to be broken through somewhat to treating mode.

6, had better seek already invigorative division hold the help of the psychological doctor of the clinical psychological professional background that qualification of doctor of course of study has a system at the same time again, this are very important. Because wardmate has body disease already, have the mental disease that social psychology element causes and psychological problem again, the settlement of the problem is more complex, and mode of current and pure medicine of biology of apt of mental family doctor, like to use remedy; The mental division with pure psychological worker professional lack is clinical train, apt solves a problem with simple psychological method, identify ability to lack of disease of a few spirit. And both union just is optimal mode, most the increase demand that accords with the person that call in.
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