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How to choose psychological doctor?
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Wardmate accepts the problem that psychotherapy should note

The obstacle that treats a kind of any types (no matter be character obstacle, neurosis or depressed disease) it is a very complex process, have the remedial effect that accomplish in one move impossibly. Have 4 following requirements only, wardmate just goes from inside the anguish of the disease likely, see remedial hope:

1, the patient must have beg correctly study an attitude, see the psychological problem that treats oneself or mental problem objectively, actual to treating the effect to make expect, do not want a hope to restore health inside very short time.

2, should look for seasoned remedial division, must not choose an expert by his disposition or interest, preference, answer to undertake choosing according to the expert's level, experience, spirit that respect property and professional accomplishment.

3, must trust adequately in treating a process your doctor, the treatment that keeps stable with him concerns. The fact proves, having two kinds of a friend made in hospital or people who become friends in hospital cure very hard: It is the wardmate that extremely suspicious trusts to expert lack; 2 it is to change ceaselessly remedial division, lack holds to mental wardmate.

4, domestic member of the patient should support with all one's strength and cooperate cure, this are very important. Carry out a proof, lacking domestic member to cooperate the cure with support see ideal remedial effect very hard.

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