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The feline sex of middle-level management and dog sex
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Disposition feature of the cat basically has the following: Clever and bright; Nature loneliness, independent character is strong; The cat takes the authority at host gamely; Typical egoist, communication ability is very general; Envious heart is strong.

Will see a dog again. The dog is gregarious animal originally, awe-stricken cacique, protect a companion hard, after the life that enters the mankind, comply with the command of householder: Goodwife feeds it, attend it, the child plays with it; In the male host with home least time, make it awe-stricken instead. Conversely, if goodwife compares majesty, steer a family, it also can comply with completely goodwife. It is scared, fear to compare it even lofty, and be the same as with it tall or stature is a few smaller, because had better surprise,the dog is met instead, produce strong protective desire to them then. Because this had the view ” of “ act like a snob. So, the dog is having very strong grade idea.

Next, the domain sense of the dog is strong, review make water of idiomatic make water will label ” of its “ sphere of influence. In its domain, it but very perky, and once reached new place, especially the place with dog cat grumous flavour, its instead does not have bravery. So it often is a center with oneself, with abuttals of oneself odour line out, often update, together feudal can belong to 9 dogs or whole dog only group.

Again, the dog likes truck, expression is rich. Interacting with the person is the characteristics with inherent dog, interact with child child especially, and this inherent characteristics often depends on the degree that “ impress ” contacts with the person when 3-7 Zhou Ling. Dog besides with bark outside express feeling, the other position from the body also can see change. Glad the expression when: The dog exerts all his strength swing tail, hop to altitude, this is the most familiar expression pattern. Sometimes the dog also is met " laugh " .

More important is, the dog has extremely high loyalty to spend. Common saying says: Does prize of  of Zheng of Ю of sulphur of second of atmosphere of  of Zheng of Luo of ㄕ wild duty get  of ê protruding phenolic core to say 9 every calls out shank of nine of smelt metal of grave Chinese torreya catfish bits  health collect and does  of Song Γ  set the first day of the lunar month of calamity evil spirit shallow 5 make a page unoccupied place take T to censure does sluggish punish  ?

The main feature of the dog is: Communication ace, expression is rich; Extremely high loyalty is spent, executive force is extremely powerful; Very strong grade and district idea; Be gregarious, congenial.

In on-the-job field, be in especially our middle-level handler, whether also sending out thick feline sex and dog sex?

Normally, individual capability is strong, the handler with distinct personality, feline sex is met dense some. They do not care about the view of others and idea, it is a boss even. The disposition of its because he is self-reliant peculiar job ability and aloof and proud, believe in father is this appearance, love how how. The working result that becomes him is significantly, often reachcapture namely when “ mice ” , sex of his this kind of cat will be more apparent. His Qing Gongfang type also is to close a door to come even one individual indulge in self-admiration! And treat its subordinate, can refract a the sort of special meaning with a kind of arrogant eyes, seem to saying: Does “ see, groan! ”
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