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The feline sex of middle-level management and dog sex
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The controller with feline powerful sex, it is likely in Technical Division (expert) , such special domain such as Wu of originality design, financial tax. They often lack good communication ability and group capacity, more creed of hero of praise highly individual, narcissism even with proud and prideful, think the company leaves them to be no good, also do not put the employer in the eye sometimes. They intelligence quotient is normally higher, and business shows sentiment a bit insufficient.

And those managers of the branch such as resource of administrative department, public relations, manpower, management people criterion circumstance is disparate, on their body you can discover have completely fasten the dog sex at feline sex. They are an upright person pliable, communication capability is extremely strong, be good at observing support of the people is analysed, having the wise move that a human relation handles, always smile to you when you need particularly. These controller are the effective executant of the boss' lubricant and strategic goal implementation and supervisor, often be a favourite by sb in power beside the boss. They are having the capacity of consider the situation, business compares situation relatively tall, and always can be in complex environment feel just like a fish in water.

As live environmental change, the hostile condition with cat and complete dog begins to transforming. Feline dog peace gets along and synergic win-win has made a kind of inevitable trend.

Perhaps, the handler with feline very great sex, whether OK also what does very thick people study nod to those dog sexes, what to take, make oneself no longer so alone. Aggrandizement is communicated and blend in a group, thereby more show mix easily glamour?

The friend with dog very thick sex, perhaps the truth is same. In feline sex did you see what flash the dot can be your place to use again on the body of people?

Friend, we are choice dog sexes after all more dog sex, cat sex more feline sex, both still each other is draw lessons from, each other says for common saying: Dog of? of Luo of ㄕ wild duty looks for 1000 lis, it is to say cat and dog have breathtaking ability putting in the home 's charge, where is study?

The answer masters in yourself's hand of course!

Perhaps, the friend of sex letting a cat also dog sex some, the friend of sex letting a dog more feline sex some;

Your professional career progress can have view another time.

Let us acquire some of interesting thing from the body of cat and dog

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