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Psychological interview program differs to seek advice with psychology
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Some psychology interview kind the program is advisory ” of “ bogus psychology -- the what one says during a conversation of Zhang Jiehai of professor of Shanghai society academy of sciences, weigh pound bomb like undoubtedly, give this kind of program heavy biff. In the meantime, also let be puzzled of audience heart be suspicious, is psychological interview in person of “ flicker ” ? After all psychology seeks advice from psychological interview, can you solve quandary?
Fire of psychological interview program
“ is current, almost TV station of countrywide provincial above open has psychological interview kind program. News of university of medium of a China learns ” the doctor tells a reporter. According to introducing, this kind of program reached a climax last year, also accordingly, the personage inside course of study called 2007 “ psychology kind interview program year ” . Arrived this year, this upsurge still not subsidise, the producer of the psychological interview item that makes pretty good according to current first gear introduces, even if program broadcasted at 11 o'clock in the late night, viewing rate also can be stabilized in 0.13, press gross of our country population to calculate, be equivalent to 80 million audience is defended the program sees beside the television! And, labyrinthian clue, intense conflict and individual privacy still are attracting more person to lock up calm program. Have audience report, program of some psychology interview is done directiveness is very by force. Although say the thing that must be others, but it is the exists generally bewilderment in the life however, oneself can be obtained from which inspire.
CCTV " psychological interview " before when producer Liang Gong speaks of people be fond of this reason, say, china has about 250 thousand person every year because of psychological problem commit suicide, the original intention of this file program is people to offer to pour out inner uneasiness, contradiction and painful space namely. “ seeks advice from division industry good and evil people mixed up now, collect fees tall, in case was cheated how to do? This program has senior expert again, do not collect fees again! ” this is the main reason with psychological interview hot item.
Advisory photograph of psychological interview program and psychology goes very far
Face so hot psychological interview item, yang Fengchi of director of staff room of psychology of capital medical university expresses, itself of this kind of program is pretty good, just the amount became much good and evil people mixed up of hard to avoid. And the program of certain and frame-up compasses lets an audience possibly also take an error -- seek advice from psychological interview when psychology. Actually, psychological interview is not psychology seek advice. Han Buxin expresses researcher of institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, privacy is both the most essential distinction. Some program producer says, the party of 80% is informed should tell a privacy to be able to hesitate in the public eye, want to just agree with ” of “ makings exposing to the sun 78 times via staff member go canvassing commonly.
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