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Psychological interview program differs to seek advice with psychology
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And true psychology seeks advice is undertake in the space with close illicit, present staff is confined to the member that seek advice and the person that call in. The most important is, in advisory process, the privacy of confide of place of the person that call in keeps secret absolutely. And in the program, a certain number of stage camera aim party from each direction, face the audience before the spot and television even. This decided party is impossible to be loosened completely with openness, they may avoid the important and dwell on the trivial to the problem, hesitate in speech, problem of key of intended even cloak. Some is provincial defend inspect first gear affection kind talk show, performed the one act of ” of expeditionary “ a third party. After the husband appears on the stage, ” is stricken in compere “ pursuit under, the extramarital affair that is him desalt first, answer the conflict of recall and wife simply subsequently, this period the program ends with failing.
Psychological interview program is advantageous have disadvantage
According to introducing, " psychological interview " program first phase 20 minutes, the hope passes first phase or two period the program solves a quandary. Is bewilderment of solution determination manage taken seriously can fast battle quick decision? Han Buxin expresses, the program selects the part with the most intense conflict only, can not show the complete picture of the problem. A mother is accepted when interviewing, say, got the expert's guidance really in the program, also alleviated mother child relation, but not from go up at all unlock heart knot. Psychology of capital Normal University fastens associate professor Wang Yamin to point out, psychology seeks advice from the process that is a successive, although party may feel ” of “ be suddenly enlightened at that time, but solve a problem to require party and knowledge of development of the member that seek advice truly, build long-term each other to believe a relation.
Of course, psychological interview program is not devoid benefit. Plum of director of division of psychology of Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital merit accepting when interviewing, express, explain some of instructional method that has intercommunity more in the program, the bewilderment of this most to solving person has certain direct sense.

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