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Crisis of 12355 teenage psychology intervenes special railway line debutted yest
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Special railway line of interpose of crisis of 12355 teenage psychology is urgent yesterday enlightened, before debutting formally at 7 o'clock in the late evening, already 20 many phones infiltrate appeal, ended at 9 o'clock to in the evening, receive more than 30 telephone call in all, those who dial a telephone is basic the parent that is afraid child psychology.
Study pressure is too great meet sometimes deadly
According to introducing, because learn pressure to cause psychological crisis greatly,major telephone call is reflective child. Some students show be disgusted with to learn a manner, fear to attend class, do not wish to go to the school, say “ even I did not want to live ” ; Because,some accommodation are born incommensurate new environment, cry all the time, in the evening insomnia; Return some children disposition dissocial, do not be willing to talk with the person. Original parent is done not have too care about, but the seriousness that the teenage suicide event that close recently produces lets the parent sense a problem, anxious hit a phone to seek advice to psychological expert.
Some key high school is high one schoolgirl should learn pressure too big, maths is understood not, complain to the parent “ is born me why on earth. What ” causes the parent is careladen. Chen Xiaoya of committee member of committee of experts of platform of 12355 teenage public services expresses, this is not to be tired of the life really, it is blurt out says only, but bear to all but of character of a few psychology, psychology ability all but, temperamental type slants indrawn, sensitive, the child with strong impressibility, because learn the face subproblem that pressure brings, parentage,stricture of eye shot of contrary, life lets the child possibly produce “ living anguish is more than dead ” , it is possible deadly. Especially the adolescent to entering adolescence, each respect moves toward maturity, important sign is yearning independence and freedom, once encounter a setback, what oneself are not willing life study target, with respect to the likelihood generation lays the idea that is inferior to dead.
Help the child learn to face pressure as a child
Although “ has psychological problem, but the parent should believe the child won't easily commit suicide. ” Chen Xiaoya expresses, the parent should be born from the child begin, with respect to the help the child faces all sorts of pressure. Learn pressure to what arise the most easily, above all the parent is not applied again pressure, because vanity is brought,the study pressure of some children is, be afraid of do not know lose face, be looked down on by teacher classmate, “ this is the pressure ” that comes out more, this also needs to guide the child to transform the pair of life, view to the success, and the child to adolescence, must not with pose as of “ parent ” , and should wait for with friend photograph.
In many Yo on forum, the reporter sees a lot of parents express tragic to these view on the net. Parent of a few elementary school is initiated discuss ardently, whether should tell these suicidal incident to the child to listen. Some parents say “ is too terrible, cannot let the child know this kind of negative example told ” , “ the child absolutely, he if how does play the ape do ”……
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