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Difficult children needs you praise
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Result is bad to be equal to corrupt do not play academic, be because are they too stupid,perhaps? Expert but not so think.

New term opening a week, it is difficult that many parents are child learning, read the problem such as the obstacle and trouble, beg examine in succession at each large hospital defend outpatient service. Children authority expert suggests, at ordinary times the parent can take proper behavior education to the child, and encourage the child more, praise the child, such as “ you can go ” , “ has the speech such as ascensive ” , hopeful makes learn difficulty, read the children such as the obstacle to improve a symptom.

Phenomenon: Attention difficult concentration, write to often make mistake

The wintry winter of 3 grade just terms begins, it is difficult that mom discovers he appears on study: Every time literacy always cannot remember, oneself write to still control reverse, the have to when reading an article is worn with finger read aloud, and also sit on 5 minutes again errant. Mom must take wintry winter to beg examine at defend outpatient service.

Reporter discovery, although just termed begins, but appear the child that similar winter winter appeals before such symptoms is not little. According to the analysis, these children basically have difficulty in literacy respect centrally, tissue of wrongly written or mispronounced characters, return the meeting left and right sides the word to do reverse occasionally; Still some of child gives an issue easily when read, for instance: The word is added when recite or decrease a word, dictate grade is very poor, when reading, must point to with the hand, meet otherwise serial etc. In addition, other still include energy to be centered hard, thinking leap is very fast, direction-sense, distance feels very poor, learn very easy exhaustion to wait. These are belonged to read obstacle, study obstacle to wait.

Analysis: Behavior of education child ego runs ability

Children medicine center is famous protect expert Venus bright professor proposal, to give way walks into family and school for cure, can make these study difficulty, attention blemish, much so children and adolescent are moved in control more, impulse or attention blemish while, strengthen the ego management of behavior gradually, this has become the effective method that approves on current international.

For instance: Develop time idea of the child, the proposal is OK from decorate task of 10 minutes of study to begin. Because notice the child great majority of blemish does not have time concept, so they also are weighed for ” of “ time blind. The parent is OK first from estimation they can the time that Jing Xinxue reviews serves as initial drop, the time that makes them preliminary know 10 minutes has how long, he can do how many work, extend basic cycle time stage by stage again next, foster its to keep attention, understand efficiency and time concept.
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