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Difficult children needs you praise
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In addition, the expert still suggests to use ” of “ woodpecker action, namely oneself check a mistake. Notice blemish because children is actuation, often start to be first, but take no account of consequence, the mistake because of this carelessness be caused by again and again. To him child “ woodpecker seeks the action of insect ” , they often can have taller enthusiasm to be participated in among them.

Countermeasure: The proposal cancels the parent to accompany read

Current, the parent often is used accompany read kind to pay an attention the study of blemish child and in the evening homework. Actually, this kind is accompanied read make the child accompanies exercise and parent connection to be together very easily, make a kind of requirement of study. But this kind of condition and connection are harmful and profitless. Venus bright professor proposal, the parent should cancel to accompany read.

In addition, still can encourage him child to arrange satchel. Although say this task is very simple, it is to notice blemish children exposes his however desultorily a report of behavior. After their satchel is arranged by parents or family normally, go to school, after school as usual is done to get chaos by them. Day after day, such from beginning to end. To foster the plan sex of their behavior, but first from the simplest arrange satchel to be made, everyday parent examination, very fast child can learn to arrange good satchel, can praise appropriately, the arrangement sex that trains them to go up in the action and plan sex.


Give an attention blemish more psychological support

The child appearance that notices blemish is moved more appears like other child, extracurricular even activity and companion are hit fight noisely be troubled by, it seems that very happy. But their heart is very painful, be admired rarely because of them and praise, more it is the family that be mixed by the teacher criticism, censure, be repelled by the companion, refuse, in the heart not self-abased, self-confident, some is abandonment even. Proposal parent at ordinary times the front guides them, from the simplest behavior proceed with, let them obtain succeed and complimentary, these all encouragement and support the self-confidence that can enhance them and self-respect.

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