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The mental health that is aimed at employee serves
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Pass special equipment connection, the heartbeat of the person that check change shows computer screen to go up, decide according to heartbeat change next the mood of the person that check is fluctuant. Final, the pressure that provides a system from the person that different level is a test manages a solution, effective promotion pressure answers ability. The G that this is American HeartMath company - Heart product, it is intelligence of a heart and system of pressure management training, include series to course and several collect are measured and train the high-tech equipment that is an organic whole.

Pass earlobe of the person that use to send feeling equipment, form vivid and intuitionistic computer picture and professional data picture, the psychological state of the person that will use is shown come, provide a simple and practical training means, make the person is in relaxed and happy in monitoring of the psychology that finish, examination and adjust. This is technology of decompression of combinative world forward position (core ” psychology and heart health manage the joy of “ of product of edition of individual of regulating system of ego of body and mind that SPCS) rolls out system. This is the product that the ego of individual body and mind that money of our country head uses the world to precede the technology is developed balances.

As current life rhythm accelerate, people more and more feel the pressure that comes from each respects. From this, caused a variety of psychology diseases. The data that publishs according to statistic of World Health Organization shows, current, the rate of psychogenic disorder of existence of our country normal crowd is as high as 20 % to control, and had arrived comparative serious condition. How to alleviate effectively psychological pressure, become the topic that duty field pays close attention to.

Our country exceeds 26 million person to contract depressed disease

The figure that World Health Organization announces shows:  flood dragon adds case 100 million people of?0 are sufferring in what endure disease of psychological pressure, spirit, among them the proportion that depressed disease place holds is the largest. According to keeping count, the 3 % of the gross domestic product that the loss that psychological disease causes to world each country is equivalent to be in a country come 4 % . All sorts of evidence make clear, economic globalization while, the mental health problem of people also is in globalization.

Show according to concerning investigation, come for 3 % about in incidence of a disease of our country depressed disease 5 % , at present already more than 26 million person contracts depressed disease. As social development, the tall hair crowd that the environment that the white-collars that live in the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou contend for in high-pressured force, Gao Jing leaves to make this disease quickly.

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