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The mental health that is aimed at employee serves
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Current, 500 strong companies of American have 90 % above chose to use EAP, EAP becomes American company mentality to serve common form. Conform with international ceaselessly as the management mode of Chinese enterprise, the joint performance of competitive certainly will between the enterprise turns company staff mentation into the competition between.

Personages of nearly 7 the field that become job psychological burden is overweight

From the point of the circumstance of many 500 entrepreneur that checks through G—Heart at present, have the industrialist of intentional manage disease, great majority has force, depressed, angst, cranky wait for a symptom, feel mostly in them general affairs is busy, produce cheesed move to the job constantly, the mood is abominable, mental efforts exhaustion.

Same, research center of Sino-US pressure management once adopted G—HEART(heart intelligence and system of pressure management training) undertake to personage of 2000 duty field pressure checks, the test discovers: 6Because the person of 7 % often works overtime, working intensity big, competition is intense wait for an element and bring about inferior healthy, make the heart bears then force is abate, cause a series of heart disease to cause sudden death directly even thereby.

Relevant expert thinks, psychological pressure can cause the heart behoove of oneself to stimulate response not only, psychology of profession of easy still generation is dried up, namely one kind leaves the position with exhausted all of body and mind in working weigh, it is energy of body and mind is felt extinctly by the job. And what be in behoove of physiology, heart for a long time to stimulate condition is individual, produce various psychogenic disorder more easily, if heart disease, coronary heart disease is waited a moment,produce a disease even.

Recipient psychology helps medium and small businesses

Current, domestic company has realized psychology intervenes stage by stage to the business development, effect that develops to individual profession. Accordingly, use like EAP, the new concept such as G—Heart test and SPCS decompression, new tool begins to get apply and be popularizinged.

Current, g—Heart has begun to wait for an industry to get popularizing use in bureau of sports of system of domestic company and medical establishment, college, public security, place. Controller of project of mental health of policeman of public security of the Ministry of Public Security thinks, pressure is an energy accumulate a process, arrive at particular strength to must undertake releasing. Accordingly, exorbitant pressure already became the killer that endangers life security. Want what have mental health side in time to coach only, can avoid occurrence suicide appearance completely. Undertake to the person of intentional manage crisis psychological interpose ought to establish necessary mechanism of course, regard it as one often catchs indefatigable routine.
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