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The mental health that is aimed at employee serves
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Psychology seeks advice from an expert to express, now, the employee that more and more small and medium sized business begin to hope to be able to be an enterprise manages a layer to provide psychological help even, namely EAP serves. From the point of agelong EAP practice, domestic small and medium sized business compares recipient EAP relatively. These companies are average employee is not much, company controller is recipient EAP this one strange thing. The cost that evaluates EAP service because of them is not high, be willing to try, and feel after the attempt the result is right still again, use continuously. The sale outstanding achievement that sees a company when the proprietor of an enterprise and staff initiative got promotion, natural meeting is confident to EAP service.

The demand that seeks advice to psychological interpose, psychology as home is more and more professional, to psychology advisory industry also raises taller requirement from personnel of course of study. If say decompression of G—Heart test, SPCS is specific tool word, so, EAP provided more rigid service system.

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