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Expert: Read a book serial it is to read an obstacle
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Achievement difference is equal to corrupt do not play academic? Be because are they too stupid,perhaps? Expert but not so think. British London an investigation of the business school discovers Cass, in the children of occurrence study problem, 70% above are caused.
Remember a word slow, read a book serial it is to read an obstacle
Hear this word suddenly, likelihood parents can feel unfamiliar, but Professor Liu tells vice-chairman of seminar of obstacle of professor of psychology of Beijing Normal University, whole nation study the reporter, reading an obstacle is a kind of very common study obstacle actually, occurrence rate is as high as 10%—30% .
Specific for, read an obstacle to involve vision, hearing, dialect, sign fast, the many sided problem such as memory, go up in expression also each are not identical. For instance, some children have difficulty in literacy respect: Cannot remember a word, just learned forget; Tissue of wrongly written or mispronounced characters, often much pen or little brushstroke; Return the meeting left and right sides the character to do reverse sometimes. Some children give an issue when read: The word is added when reciting or decrease a word; Dictate grade is very poor; When reading, must point to with the hand, otherwise serial wait. Other center hard like energy, thinking leap is fast; Direction-sense, distance feels poor; Learn very easy exhaustion to wait, also belong to read an obstacle.
Early treatment can be overcome
Professor Liu says, look at present, reading an obstacle is a very complex “ ill ” . Obstacle of function of nerve of “ vision, hearing, cerebra is to cause the account that reads an obstacle. ” so, the guidance of professional personage needs on cure. If turn a blind eye to, or it is cure undeserved, the child is less than the understanding of adult possibly still because of must, become self-abased, recreant, pose a series of psychology problems.
Because realize the seriousness of this kind of problem,be, the United States held water technically to read obstacle association, appeal parent, school discovers better and the help has the children that reads an obstacle. And be in England, also having similar orgnaization, they will read an obstacle to have professional treatment as a kind of disease, remedial effect is very pretty good.
London the Luo Gan of Zhu Li · of the business school teachs Cass to point out in a her newest research, in flower beauty entrepreneur, there is 1 in every 3 people ever was to read obstacle patient, for instance the American Microsoft author of publicity compares Er · Gates ever was one reads obstacle patient, and now, he what received proper treatment, was not affected accordingly.
Change a color, make number more
“ if the parent discovers the child has the symptom that reads an obstacle, must not blame child, force them to learn blindly. ” Professor Liu points out, above all, should encourage the child, say “ to them more you can go ” , “ has ascensive ” , dispel pair of reading fear in order to help the child; Can adopt a few methods to undertake to the child next correctional, can let them choose the chromatic bolster plate that them like for example, put to the book, help them concentrate energy; Teach them to be read at the same time delimit below important term at the same time horizontal line, the place that does not know does annotate on, can make their edge read Bian Sai to take an examination of so; Let them see some of interested story more, listen to the child to tell. If read an obstacle more serious, look for special psychological doctor to have correctional treatment even. Generally speaking, want to intervene when elementary school only, can overcome read an obstacle, this has main effect to the child's school work and life.
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