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Mensal example teachs adverse child body and mind health
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Because the job is busy, a lot of parents do not have the life of child of time bother about and study, also do not have time certainly child, then a day of 3 eat, especially dinner, often became parents to teach the child's opportunity. But concerned expert reminds, mensal example teachs adverse child body and mind health.
Table is the ground that family reunion, feeling gathers together. When have a meal, the parent teachs by personal example as well as verbal instrution with his will guide the child how to know courtesy to defend established practice. To a few parents, table is very good godchild classroom.

Zhao Xia says researcher of assistant of place of children of adolescent of Chinese teenage research center, a day of 3 eat, especially dinner, often become a family the only chance that each other meet. Accordingly, many parents often job begin of one aspect of the matter, babble, not be dissatisfactory to child learning result, the defect that is pair of children, defect is criticized with the mistake, the child is refuted, immediately eyeball of be angry and fierce.

The parent uses the opportunity that have a meal, the kind that undertakes to the child on dining table example teachs is not desirable. Zhao glow explanation says, the assimilation that is child of influence of church of the example when having a meal and absorb, cause gastric disease even; 2 it is to bring about child anorexia easily; 3 it is the child gets rebuke is sad come to tears, it is very easy that the edge eats an edge to cry go to food deglutition when sob tracheal in go, cause intense choke to cough, breathe suffocate suffocate even, endanger life; 4 be still can create child mentality depressive, mood is low, make the estrangement between two acting people deeper and deeper.

The expert expresses, to the child, parents should be encouraged more, little criticism, do not discuss when have a meal too complex or the thing of feel disappointed making a person, not brawl, controversy or complain, do not censure the child when have a meal. Only the family dines in gentle, halcyon atmosphere, parents are work laboriously beautiful money, arduous the meal that does, ability has the effect of beneficial child body and mind truly.

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