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World economy Great Master talks how to teach the child
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Above all, I agree with a kind of more popular notion, that is to conditional family, should apply to the child lead is taught. But, I do not jump with meaning child too much grade, or it is the university on premature ground. Children should be the same as with theirs age children grow together, learn together, a libertinism. Let 13, the university on child of 4 years old is equal to stripped the childhood of children.
I am to teaching the child's criterion what should distinguishing above all is the mainest subject. In the course of all science department, maths is the most important. If mathematical gift of the child is not very low word, the mathematical gift e.g. a child not the word under the average level with age person, I suggest conditional family should teach the child 2~3 ahead of schedule as far as possible year mathematical courses, on the child had better let learn before elementary school one, the maths of 2 grade, on one grade can learn 3, the maths of 4 grade. Lay good maths foundation as a child, the course that learns the science department such as physics, chemical, biology in the future is met relatively some more relaxed. Because maths is the foundation of physics, physics is chemical foundation, physics, chemistry can explain a lot of things of biology again. I adopt this kind of method namely to my child, the mathematical gift of my daughter and with age person average level is about the same, I maintain the mathematical course that teachs her 3 years ahead of schedule all the time. Such she and with age classmate photograph is compared, maths compares other classmate tower above a lot of. What China is equivalent to when on her 10 grade is tall temporarily go to school calculus, chemical the AP course of two science department. AP course is the university course that offers in American high school, she repaired the course of AP of 5 science department such as statistical, computer language, biology and English, spanish again when 11 grade the AP course of two liberal art, in the meantime, the course of science department AP that she taught oneself science of one knocker condition again. Such, it is merely during on 11 grade, her go to school and took an examination of 8 AP course. What finished maths and science before 11 year end as a result of her is all 8 AP course, and achieve the whole nation's top average exam result, make she was obtained Ximen Ziquan is beautiful 2007 AP head award (only a boy and a girl obtain complete United States the whole nation award) .

The mathematical talent of my son is very high, so I taught him the 4 maths that arrive 5 years ahead of schedule, the son is firm now finish 7 year, had learned all mathematics courses of high school. This year on March 24, he attended to have the Mathcounts maths competition that American engineer association subsidizes, in the match of the Texas, show itself in the 288 contests winner of the 6~8 grade that take part in the match, the son of 7 grade acquires heart administrative division the 3rd. Then, he plays all-american game on behalf of heart city in May again, he and his other 3 teammate together, acquired countrywide group the first, went on June 1, 2007 the White House, obtain the honor that American president Bush receives. There are two in 4 players of heart state delegation is 8 grade, one is 7 grade, one is 6 grade. What be worth to be carried additionally is these 4 students it is China 8, the child that 90 time leave aesthetic to be born.
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