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Ancestors is taken easily " two-faced " darling
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How many him father and mother to still have at present taking raise new birth darling? Academy of Shanghai education science is aimed at 0-3 year old the newest investigation that infant belt raises kind shows, the scale that participates in lacteal baby to bring up by ancestors parent is as high as 84.6% . More and more grandfather grandmas are replacing children exercise Yo important task.
Investigation still shows, at present darling belt raises content medium food attends and start going to a nursery is received send do sth for sb by the old person completely almost, although the activity such as game amuse oneself of the child basically is assumed by the mother, but the rate of the person that it is main in charge of with ancestors exceeds 30% . Because ancestors parent is right grandson the dominant manner of generation is “ be fond of ” and not be “ canal ” , because this is easy,negligence guiding child undertakes exploration, study is mixed endure take exercise.

A few scholars appeal, the quality of the education that separate era is like person meaning very much, the family of ancestors parent teachs overall level to teach a level under parental family apparently. Parental two pairs kisses femaly child educational absolutely cannot is short of break, the education that separate era can be close only child of education compensatory and absolutely cannot exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs.

Ancestors is docile and obedient to “ conscience ”

Small tiger is a ” of “ small Xiang Yu the Conqueror that gave a name, go to the ave to see what wants, do not satisfy him to lie on the ground to cry be troubled by. The grandma that inspects small tiger to be conscience dare not is opposite his blush, the “ tiring-room ” that becomes the child already in the home, do his “ lackey ” again. In the morning, the grandma dresses for small tiger fold by, upright tea sends water, there is the child to go upstairs after coming home, crouch on the ground to accompany play. In the old person caress heavily below, small tiger secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing, and parents cannot be had a hand in however.

Shanghai teachs division courtyard teacher to express, the education that separate era is put in a lot of insufficient place, ancestors is right grandson the psychological characteristic of generation heavy affection, small reason, it is beyond the mark to educate didymous child easily doting, indulge. In addition, the respect such as the ancestors parent abundance in the clarity of agile, language of the movement, expression is deficient in somewhat after all, year young the child is passed easily be imitated unconsciously and by exert a subtle influence on.   

This wide those severe child loses way

Obviously in the home, always erupting “ war ” . Father wants him to have bit of thing less, the grandfather wants him to eat more unluckily; Throw a thing in disorder every time obviously, father tries to check immediately, the grandfather slants it is good to say the child is lively; Want to buy a toy obviously, the grandfather grants whatever is requested, father thinks however too too indulgent. To parental severity certainly grandson generation, ancestors looks in the eye, painful in the heart, pose conflict finally.
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