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Can small child also have envious mentality?
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Jealousy is in comparing a process with other, him discovery is in ability, reputation, position or pay, enjoy the status of a kind of mood that wait for a respect to be inferior to others and arises. This kind of mood is very complex, abashed, indignant, resentment holds concurrently etc and have.
Does dot have envious mentality? Somebody feels so small child is unlikely.

Actually science proves, jealousy serves as activity of a kind of psychology to produce be early. Somebody has done a test, the child of 15 months, if mom adopts other child before his face, he can react somewhat, must let mom put down others to hold his in the arms, hug closely mom, seem to saying: “ the mom that this is me, not be you. ”

We discover in the life, a lot of kinds of circumstance can make the child produces jealousy.

For instance, other little girl came in the home, mom speaks highly of a few or express to kiss some, the child of oneself is met envious, will take chilly attitude to foreign little girl.

If other little girl has the toy with amused what, oneself are done not have, do not meet in the heart feel better.

Two children play game original well, a child sees others build building blocks fast good, how are oneself also built however bad, he is very anxious, pushed the building blocks all of two people simply, I build “ bad, also do not want to be built! ”……

If we are attentive,observe, such example is very much. Visible jealousy is on every child body, have the reaction with different level.

Present urban family is a child mostly, as a result of all the day numerous star holds a month in both hands general, a lot of children caught 2 breath of ” of arrogant of “ charming ”“ , do not allow others to be done well than oneself, also do not wish to hear the word of complimentary others, jealousy already became a kind of more and more serious common fault.

Jealousy is a kind of elementary affection. Have the child of envious heart, often love to censure others, or think method lets others be inferior to his.

Some children return meeting disposition to become eccentric gradually rise. These to growing it is harmful for medium children.

After once discover the child has envious mentality,serving as the parent, answer to undertake dredge in time.

Above all, want to prevent the generation of cheeper jealousy psychology.

Want to accomplish this, the parent should care the child more at ordinary times, the attention discovers the glitter on his body is nodded, undertake in time praise and be encouragemented.

Parent of this one period is right of the child praise, praise should appropriate, cannot exaggerate overly, should objective, be practical and realistic. Should be praised and criticize photograph union. Praise the result that the child has obtained already, want to point out the inadequacy that still exists again, lest because the child is blind complacent and the psychology that produces “ not to allow others to exceed him ” .
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