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Develop the point of children mental health
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Psychologist course considers for a long time to think, children period is the golden age that develops healthy mentality, all sorts of habits and behavior mode, laying a foundation at this moment, if have a good beginning, can make the moral character intelligence of children gets healthy progress in the future; If be in right now oversight the child's mental hygiene, so, after the child grows up, the hope has sound moral quality and healthy mentality, more difficult, be unlikely even.

So, answer to take the psychological principle with be used normal seriously to train children very as parents. So, what should we notice?

One, the attention cares the child overly

Such doing make child overly is a center with ego easily, think everybody should respect him, the result becomes above oneself person.

2, do not want bribery child

Want to let the child know the right and compulsory impact as a child, endless obligation cannot enjoy the right.

3, do not want too close child

Should encourage the child and of the same age age person a life, study, amuse oneself, such ability learn the method that gets along with the person.

4, not loath child does a few insufficient businesses

Self-confident heart most of the child is by work to succeed and come, force them to do the business that force place cannot reach, can beat their self-confident heart only.

5, not right the child is too severe, exacting beat and scold even

Such meetings make child nurturance self-abased, cowardly, escape wait for insalubrious psychology, or bring about revolt, atrocious, lying run away from home wait for unusual action.

6, be not cheated and threaten meaninglessly the child

Gally child can lose father and mother the authority in child memory, all the following admonishing, the child won't be subject to.

7, be not criticized in public before young associate or mock the child

This meeting causes the child spiteful with bashful psychology, damage the child's proper pride greatly.

8, not beyond the mark and complimentary child

The child works obtained result, express praise slightly can, beyond the mark and complimentary meeting makes the child is infected with the undesirable psychology of fish for fame and compliments.

9, not right the child is moody

Such meetings make the child sensitive and suspicious, the mood is flabby, recreant and craven.

10, should help the child analyse his located environment

Help child resolves difficulty, is not to replace them to resolve difficulty. Should the problem of church child analysis, method that solves a problem.

Of course, the mental health that should let the child develops, not only should offer them good education, each doing of parents should make good example to them more.

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