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The child shoulds not group how to do
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My daughter this year 6 years old, grandma, grandfather brings up, had not sent nursery school. She strings together the door rarely at ordinary times, very rare also child comes play in the home. Arrived to go to school when, after entering a school gate everyday, she always should cry, do not let adult leave her. Spent very long period of time, she also does not have a word to say with classmates, do not have oneself associate more, finishing class always is he hide in a corner to see everybody play. How do you say this should do?

To the parent's proposal

The child shoulds not group, it is the problem of a worry letting a person really. You should make the model that makes friend to the child above all. Openness of the parent and neighbour, colleague, friend interacts enthusiasticly, meet child of influence of ground of exert a subtle influence on, make its form the enthusiastic, bright and clear, disposition that is happy to make friend. What if adult confronts the visitor of call at sb's house,show one face constantly is grouchy, the child learns “ refus person necessarily at a thousand li besides ” , how to meet be gregarious?

Next, the associate that encourages the child and age close interacts. Can guide the child to invite associate already people excellent in play, also can let the child be walked out of after school, with associate people make collective game. Associate comes to the home in, the parent takes head enthusiasm to recieve; The child goes out to play, the parent does not want to worry about too much. Let the child learn to receive a person to need thing in the association with associate, cast off gradually not the defect of be gregarious.

Additional, the parent is right of the child apparel, language, bearing, habit, as far as possible requirement and all round associate keeps consistent. Still have, not although the child of be gregarious makes friend, much also love and bigger than him age or younger than him age associate interact. Because they are in,the ability when as young as the age associate plays together feels safe and comfortable; One kind can be sought to depend on when with the age old associate plays together, protection concerns. So, the associate that should guide the child and age close interacts. Of course, avoiding the child to be together with ancestors all the day also is necessary.

Again, handle the relation between the child and associate correctly. For instance, when child aloof and proud, inspire him to hear the opinion of young associate more; When the child and associate quarrel, adjust appropriately, not partial oneself child; The child is shown good-tempered when, offer affirmation more.

Finally, teach the child the skill of association. For instance, nurturance is used to with what people lets sb know actively, toy and associate are enjoyed jointly, fluctuation class hour looks for classmate accompany actively and go. Generally speaking, after taking proper step, the child of enter a school passes for some time first suit, also learn be gregarious.
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