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Negative opinion of the child does not say casually
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Daughter Wen Wen 2 years old many, because I am teacher of a child, duty factor is busier, so the daughter is being taken by the grandma as a child. A respectful form of address for an old person looks after children very careful, take care everywhere, accordingly, the courage of Wen Wen is very small, see stranger is frightened so that be at a loss. The grandma lets her greet sb with the person more, she is gotten in past adult bosom more. Do not have method, the grandma says: “ hey, this child is not talktive. ” as time passes, the daughter also does not love a mouth to call a person more.
Once, I take a daughter to go out to play, come up against a friend. I let a daughter call a person, the daughter looks at me a pair desire the appearance that character stops again. I ask why the daughter doesn't call a person later, the daughter appears one: “ mom, wen Wen won't. ” my astounded, original, the daughter has been in the talk with casual adult, for him final conclusion —— I won't.

This kind of circumstance of the daughter, I often am come up against on the class that my takes, no matter be cheeper of the bottom class in a kindergarten,just entered garden, still be the child that the join a class in the middle of the course intermediate comes in, a lot of parents see the first thing of the teacher is: Mr. “ , I must say with you, the child of our home is not talktive, do not love to drink water, do not love to take course, do not love to sleep the child when ……” says these words is beside the parent's. I ask the child: What name do you call “ ? ” child is small head, a word also does not say. is the child not talktive really?

Grow as one a person of academic or artistic distinction, at the same time as the teacher, I want to say to parent friend, ask you not to say before the child: My child does not love “ ……” your casual word, can form “ in child heart probably I do not love …… I am no good the consciousness of ……” . A kind of such suggestions, often can let the child experience the flavor that is denied when still did not try truly.

To change daughter “ I won't the psychology of ” is decided situation, I begin to always encourage her with openly evaluation, the attitude that uses appreciation faces her each a little bit to progress subtly, and ask kin, friend every week, taking the child to come to my home by turns be a guest. Confront a visitor when the daughter, ask for help is like the ground to looking at me, I say with relaxed dialect: “ does not have a thing, mom and Wen Wen greet sb to the guest together, ? ” eventually, her sound called aunt of “ of high and level tone smally good ” , I praised a daughter aloud, the daughter also develops my sweet laugh, original, stepping the first pace is to let a person feel happy so.

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