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Identify not typical and senile depressed symptom
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A such patients come up against in outpatient service of senile spirit division: In the course that he is taking a kind of medicaments that improves cardiac muscle to offer blood, appeared gastric ministry is unwell, the patient considered as this kind of medicaments to cause stimulation to gastric ministry, worried to get a serious illness from this, because nervous, angst, mood is depressed and come examine. Although relapse,the examination did not discover implement qualitative sex problem, but mood of depressed, angst grows day and day however. Still whole body of action in chief of a patient is reached sorely all sorts of unwell, the patient behaves intense fear, feel restless, him concern is vivid not know clearly, in a desperate situation of in a state of anxiety, ache cry aloud when fit, full ground rolls about, as a result attempts to commit suicide. He ever saw a doctor to reach aching outpatient service at many polyclinic, did not discover apparent positive aspect is asked for, the symptom does not have clear improvement however. How should we recognize these symptoms?

What place of the first patient shows is hypochondriasis symptom. According to the report, the patient that there is 1/3 about in the senile and depressed disease of 60 years old of above heads with hypochondriasis hair symptom. Hypochondriasis content often involves digestion symptom, gastric bowel unwell, constipation is this kind of patient the commonnest also be the symptom that appears earlier. The patient often is planted with some not quite serious body illness begins, show the excessive attention of pair of normal body functions, to spending the beyond the mark reaction of the disease gently, should consider the issue of senile and depressed disease. Additional, a lot of denial depressed senile patient performance is all sorts of body symptoms, and mood obstacle is ignored very easily by family, till discovery the old person has the suicide to attempt or the ability when behavior sees a doctor to mental division. Because its are depressed,the symptom is masked by body symptom place, the patient often denies him to have the subjective experience of depressed disease, or the mood low ascribe to body problem. A lot of body symptom can behave for: (1) ask for integratedly sorely. If headache, painful, backache, bellyacke reachs the bosom to ache all over. (2) bosom symptom. Bosom frowsty, heart-throb. (3) digestion symptom. Abdomen of anorexia, stomach unwell, abdominal distension, constipation. (4) own nerve symptom. Buccal doing, hand quivers, perspire, the whole body is lack of power etc. In addition, sleep-disorder also is common symptom, often become the content of main action in chief that the patient sees a doctor. Have again, intense the symptom is common also at old people, grow along with the age and increase. Angst is intense the afterwards that often is more serious depressed illness sends a symptom, become main symptom of the patient possibly also. What expression of the 2nd patient comes out above is body symptom and angst intense symptom.
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