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Depressed disease and neurasthenic distinction
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Someone says neurasthenic 86% above are depressed disease. Do not have in American disease diagnostic standard allegedly neurasthenic one word, in fact neurasthenic have very big one part symptom is with depressed jackknife, especially a few light-duty depressed disease patients, have tell force oneself, have a head feeble symptom, have be agitated and head unwell, attention waits centrally hard, excuse me: How should be neurasthenic patient diagnosed? The diagnosis of depressed disease how should be we differentiated?
Beijing answers dragon to watch Sun Shiyou of hospital psychology doctor: I do not know “ is neurasthenic 86% above stem from where for depressed disease ” , document support is very important. Want concrete analysis research technique, size of sample to wait of course, the authenticity that with differentiate some reports and representative. If what you narrate, neurasthenic a few symptoms often overlap badly with mood, need to differentiate at this moment. We know, if neurasthenic symptom is easy fatigue, have a headache, the particularity such as nervous, excited, insomnia is poor (namely a lot of diseases are OK have these symptoms) , diagnostic grade sex is low, need to eliminate other disease to be like a head namely implement obstacle of qualitative sex spirit, schizophrenia, depressed disease, angst disease, force the ability such as disease to be able to be diagnosed for neurasthenic.

Normally neurasthenic diagnostic order and degree is not as high as depressed disease, if the patient satisfies the diagnosis of these two kinds of diseases at the same time when, diagnose depressed disease normally, is not neurasthenic. This to clinical have important sense, it is medicationed choice, 2 be patient accident circumstance prevent accuse (depressed disease has suicidal risk, the consciousness that be on guard, method all can raise) . Of course, little to this kind of patient not ” of cure of doctor “ word, this depends on again communication skill is understood thoroughly with what wait to human nature, life.

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