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Special treat is depressed the method of disease
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Worry has the branch of relative superiority or inferiority oneself: The care below “ a priori and care ” , suffer from greatly for big concern namely, be not deadly heavy axe at overmatch, become possibly urge a person the chance of people of strenuous, benefit. Some worry do not have much big meaning really, however somebody is not broken with it pull ceaseless, let it perplex body and mind, the influence is healthy, suffering can'ts bear character. Then try every means of people rack one's brains dispels meaningless worry, but the effect always so not satisfactory.

If you also are being perplexed by meaningless anxious place, so, the 2 “ that offer for you with psychology please enrol ” quite, it can help you leave anxious.

With anxious conquer worry

—— enrols quite one: Law of leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards

A treats worry measure of American psychologist Luo Lande is very original. He is not the person that let worry does not go anxious, the person that let worry however comes a ” of “ leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards, take out period of time to have worry technically everyday, namely “ uses ” of anxious conquer worry. Experts discover, to the top of one's bent anxious period of time, more can drive is anxious. This heard to bloat like a person a bit the status that after Chinese cabbage tastes, can stop to hear it, also resemble be afraid that insomnia jumps over insomnia more a bit, do not sleep simply, the case that instead tired meaning comes over. Are you afraid of anxious worry? So good, simply with respect to wholeheartedly worry a little while.

Psychologist suggests to do so: ① passes an imagination at ordinary times, loosen, the method such as prescind force interrupts worry, tell oneself, can time goes technically the time that anxious; ② uses technically at worry everyday is best the place that oneself often do not take at ordinary times when ③ of 30 minutes of; is special and anxious, lest take this seat to generate worry later, ④ of special and anxious; is arranged before also sleeping in the late evening cannot “ jerry ” , want to assure time, want wholeheartedly. The kill that such doing is, person often cannot an idea ground goes anxious, gradually worry disappears sadly.

“ horizontal stroke regards as mountain side becomes a peak”

—— enrols quite 2: Change perspective way

An old lady has two sons, the eldest son sells an umbrella, 2 sons evaporate brine in the sun to make salt. For two sons, the old lady is about the same every day anxious and heavy. Whenever sunshine, old lady talk about again and again: This is big sunshine, umbrella but bad to sell oh. Whenever cloudy day, the old lady talks in whispers: Of rain of this shade the world, can be salt basked in how? So anxiety-ridden, old lady unexpectedly worry becomes pain. How is two sons do not know good. Favour is visited one wisdom person, give one strange court for the old lady: “ fine day is good evaporate brine in the sun to make salt, you should be young son glad; cloudy day is good sell an umbrella, you should be an eldest son glad. Such reconsider and give up an idea thinks, protect your worry total need. ” old lady is depended on plan and row, if really carefree heart wide system be good at rise.
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