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Special treat is depressed the method of disease
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Mental hygiene expert is expostulatory people: “ is in when the person careful observation, think, when evaluating external object or situation, should notice from problem of many sided look upon, if will look from an angle, may cause negative sentiment to if will look from another angle,experience; , discover its active meaning possibly, make thereby negative sentiment can the sentiment with positive translate into. ” the beauty that this is ” of law of “ changeover perspective.

Originally, the thing often has two sides reason, it is dispute blame, bad of good no matter in what way, gain and loss breaks, there always are you in me

The remedial principle of depressed disease

What fight depressed drug to what the cure of depressed disease has is businesslike all control in 60%-80% commonly. Such, always the 20% one patient treatment of 30% disables. This kind of patient may be “ treats a gender hard depressed ” patient.

In clinical research, study quality and reliability to rise, the definition of depressed to treating a gender hard disease is relatively strict: The mechanism of at least two kinds of action that uses full amount, full period of treatment is fought differently depressed medication invalid depressed disease is to call to treat a gender hard depressed disease. Sex of the look up before all be being used in updated research is defined, the patient that is about to accord with afore-mentioned conditions uses a kind foregone and effective fight depressed medicine to treat a sufficient period of treatment below clinical research condition (like 6-8 week) , if still disable (HAMD decreases cent to lead one 30%) of <20% , square definition is embarrassed treat a gender depressed disease. Avoided to will be gone to already so cure inadequate or not patient mistake of the system is embarrassed treat a gender depressed disease.

Treat a gender hard depressed it is mental division clinical the remedial problem that often sees, once discover depressed symptom of the patient,use sufficient dose, two above of enough period of treatment are fought depressed medication the patient ought to consider to embarrass when disabling rule the possibility with depressed sex. The patient is embarrassed to treat certainly undermentioned and clinical step ought to be taken after the gender is depressed.

1, to the patient clinical diagnose do reappraisal

Patient of further detailed examination is amalgamative mental sex symptom (assess is electropositive mental sex symptom, mental negative symptom) and gawkish. The patient of symptom of positive of amalgamative mental disease often is used alone hard fight depressed medicaments to cure, right now, appropriate incorporates at the same time refuse chlorpromazine treatment, if chlorpromazine, act vigorously is static, chloric nitrogen,smooth, benefit earths up ketone to wait. Sometimes depressed symptom of the patient often is differentiated hard with mental negative symptom. Individual schizophrenia is pure model patient often by by accident examine is depressed disease (vice versa) , the patient with a lot of inchoate schizophrenias also has relatively outstanding depressed symptom.
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