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Special treat is depressed the method of disease
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In old people, depressed disease, gawkish often interweave together with delirium condition, clinical phenomenon is complex and changeful, do very hard sometimes differentiate diagnose. For example the female patient that the author ever saw 83 years old is outstanding gawkish symptom in expression of the half an year before be admitted to hospital, after be admitted to hospital, be thought old age is gawkish by accident disease, in be in hospital 6 week hind just consider the possibility of depressed disease from inside a variety of evidence of the patient. Give refuse depressed treatment the illness of the 3 patients after week improves significantly. But if this patient applies two to fight depressed medication if still getting effective, whether to still diagnose the ground to be depressed disease.

2, the social psychology element that evaluates a patient.

The first, whether is examination patient had bring about the social reason with its low mood to include domestic problem, job issue, parentage the despair that the undesirable, depressed fit that relapses for years brings about a patient to last, the social psychology that answers a patient to have a system right now intervenes, include domestic treatment, family and working unit visit manage of understanding waiting for a company to support measure; the 2nd, change environmental condition of the patient, in outpatient service the patient can consider system of be in hospital to treat, the patient to be in hospital can consider to let its be below close observation appropriately, try often leave hospital, the opportunity; that makes the patient increases to communicate with the outside the 3rd, slight to depressed disease but ineradicable from beginning to end depressed disease patient should encourage a patient to leave hospital, enter all sorts of society activities and job actively. A lot of depressed disease patients fall in circumstance of be in hospital, always want bequeath part symptom, headache for example, attention is not centered, lumbar acid is lack of power wait for all sorts of body action in chief or psychology is unwell. After the patient returns working station, counting sometimes disappear inside week;

3, ECT cure

Although people still has many worry to electric shock therapy, but to serious and depressed disease and treat a gender hard depressed disease it still is one of optimal choices. Can amount to to weighing the curative effect that spends shock of depressed disease report 90% , and have effect faster, apply to the patient that is kept in serious suicide danger especially.

4, choose other category fight depressed medication

When one kind fights depressed medicaments curative effect to owe beautiful, ought to consider to use medical dosage and period of treatment above all sufficient, whether does the patient follow the doctor's advice take drug. If monitor hematic drug chroma conditionally, to classical the cure that fights depressed drug especially helpful. If consider to change,use other fight depressed medicaments, should consider above all as phyletic as what differ toward mechanism of the action that use drug already. Commonly used the action mechanism that fights depressed drug is as follows:
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