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Special treat is depressed the method of disease
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5-HT absorbs depressor again: Fluorine Xi Ting, Paluoxi is ordered, Shequlin, Xi Taipu orchid, Qin of rice of fluorine Fu Shaming, chloric third.

NE absorbs depressor again: Mai Pu is replaced forest, go armour is replaced forest, go Jia Bingmi Qin.

5-HT-NE absorbs double effect again: 10 thousand play a way rice of new, A replaces forest, third rice Qin, much Lv makes the same score;5-HT-DA to absorb double effect again: Bupropion.

Enzymatic depressor of oxidation of reversibility odd amine (RIMA) : chloric shellfish amine.

Action the other remedy at 5-HT or NE system: Ketone of Mianshelin, 3 Zun, Mirtazapine, nefazadone.

The other remedy with unidentified mechanism: Acupuncture of acid of adenosine egg ammonia, report.

5, amalgamative hormone, thyroid element piece or Gu Weisu is treated

Fight depressed medicaments amalgamative estrogen or androgen cure gets better curative effect in individual patient. Patient of a few depressed disease exists inferior clinical thyroid function is low, add with use T3 or T4 treatment may be effective. Although be added without the patient of this kind of circumstance,use thyroid element to heighten the curative effect that fights depressed drug likely also.

6, add the salt that use lithium

Lithium salt itself has certain effect to the cure of depressed disease. Because its action place basically is located in the 2nd messenger, because of this and existing fight depressed medicaments to may have synergism. Many clinical trials confirm, add can make with carbonic acid lithium a few sheet use the patient that refuses depressed drug treatment to disable to improve really. Add to patient of obstacle of double photograph affection with carbonic acid lithium particularly proper.

7, add with fight chlorpromazine content to perhaps incorporate another fights depressed medicaments it is better that the depressed symptom that to existence mental disease the depressed disease patient of sexual symptom or schizophrenia incorporate uses curative effect of this kind of method. Commonly used medicaments has act vigorously to be static, Taierdeng, Shu Bili, chloric nitrogen smooth, benefit earths up ketone to wait. Many doctors treat a gender hard in processing amalgamative applying is used to fighting two kinds depressed drug when depressed disease. Actually this is a curative effect is affirmatory least of all kind of amalgamative application. Fight what mechanism of two kinds of action is close to depressed drug especially the amalgamative on theory and practice applying that all cannot take. Latter somebody is used SSRI and classical fight depressed medicaments amalgamative application, obtain a few positive results. In theoretic mechanism of action of these two kinds of medicaments has certain and complementary sex, and take the place of in medicine kinetic go up to also be put in synergism, might as well consequently try.

8, the job that changes a patient / surroundings.
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