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Special treat is depressed the method of disease
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9, prevent the suicide.

10, other method home ever had research discovery to use ginkgo leaf to extract content and A rice to replace forest amalgamative application may heighten curative effect, reduce harmful response. But the cure of depressed to treating a gender hard disease still does not have a report.

Use double blind to comfort an agent to contrast recently the test is initial discovery, use fluorine Xi Ting (40-60mg/d) is made the same score with abstruse nitrogen (amalgamative cure treats 5-20mg/d) hard the gender is depressed disease is businesslike can amount to 60% above. And the curative effect that abstruse nitrogen is made the same score or sheet of fluorine Xi Ting uses has 20% to control only. But because case load is less, still need farther test and verify. As a result of new-style fight chlorpromazine content to have 5-HT2a to suffer body block to stop action, and chloric nitrogen is gentle abstruse nitrogen is smooth be opposite at the same time a few otherer accept put oneself in another's position inferior model also have stronger pharmacodynamics active, the likelihood gives fight chlorpromazine content and fight depressed drug amalgamative cure treats a gender hard depressed disease brings wider perspective. The research that concerns this respect also is undertaking in.

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