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Depressed disease appears the most easily 7 " do not think of "
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Interest drops is a typical symptom of depressed disease patient. “ does not have the pet phrase that meaning ” is them. The form with its low interest and degree are usable and the following 7 “ do not think of ” to be generalized simply.

1. Do not think of move depressed patient to appear very lazy, do not want to move, often bilk a bed so, room, lazy do chore. Originally the person with agile diligent becomes faineant now, do not want to work, do not want to go to school, do not want to go to work, do not consider an activity. They can say an a few reason that do not become excuse, persuade can change them only oral respondent, the action is to be without improvement however.

2. Do not think of read the content that in including not to see the daily life such as TV, newspaper, magazine, disc, film, always is interested. Depressed person can feel these content do not have what meaning, everything what happen in other and surroundings and oneself have one it seems that the layer is diaphragmatic, halfhearted care, more do not talk to go up have feel in all and admire.

3. Do not consider the performance of another feature sex that washing slack slovenly is depressed patient. The person that loves clean very much at ordinary times is like two different people however below depressed condition. Wash a face, wash a foot, bathe, the burden that changed the garment to become them, some does not bathe many days 40 in summer even, do all over smell. This kind of “ that family can blame depressed patient is lazy ” , but depressed person however often apathetic.

4. Do not think of visit depressed person to often do not wish to interact with the person. Close friends' party entirely refuses, its reason is “ does not have what meaning ” really. And true obstruction is those who come from depressed be caused by inside power is insufficient. They have a kind of repulsion to lively meeting, it seems that quiet the mania that just is only. Be without the be in alone and can not promote them fun of interest however.

5. Do not think of Tan Chen silent is close-lipped it is another kind of expression that interest of depressed be caused by drops. Everybody can feel depressed person state of mind very depressing, chat very passive, speech is very simple, content is very indigent. This kind of expression and whack can have very big contrast. The person that knows him can say, he seemed to change a person.

6. Do not think of have depressed person to food often ” of “ spoil one's appetite. Have a meal not sweet, do not eat full. Some people are disinclined to cook, careless, drift along. Some depressed patients are act out of normal behaviour however, become temporarily the gender eats and drink too much, hard convergent. Because be fed more,to certain patient the “ that has provisionality however combats depressed ” effect.

7. Do not think of the person that feels depressed commonly dead to be able to think of to commit suicide or carry out the suicide. But the person that is in serious and depressed condition, its interest is so small that its interest affect his motivation to carrying out the suicide, that is to say “ also lacks interest ” to committing suicide. It is the state of a kind of exceeding danger actually, because depressed if have a bit because of what element of certain inside and outside makes,alleviate, this appears the most easily just about the period of time of suicidal behavior.
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