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Depressed how to undertake musicotherapy
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Because the disposition of everybody, hobby, affection, unfavorable situation is different, because this is right musical be fond of, choice is different also. Before undertaking musicotherapy, want to choose to accord with the music of own disposition above all, notice “ balances sexual ” . Like waiting for nutrient composition to want reasonable collocation with respect to the vegetable when resembling food, cruelly oppress, fruit, bean products, the music that likes in him choice while the attention poises quality, namely ”“ of “ Yin Yuyang is static with move ”“ to wait by force with weak ” .
The person with different profession, the music of the choice also should differ. In the stock of voice noisy and confused, stockjobber from personnel of course of study, best choice does not have the light music of libretto. The person that go up in deafening building site or works in the factory with Bacchic machine, had better listen attentively to magnificent classic symphony music. In the person of the job in hall of quiet office, inn, had better listen attentively to light pop.
In addition, when the mood is different, the music of the choice also should differ. Psychosis not when beautiful, mood is low, should choose lively composition to listen attentively to. The mood that becomes you is irritated or virulent when, should choose light music to listen attentively to.

To remove mood pressure, besides anthology hear classical music, symphonic music, popular song beyond, anthology listen to jazz, rock-and-roll, chorally, the men and women is antistrophic the result with wait to have certain.
The individual's hobby is different, the level of the choice is different also. But, the composition choice in musicotherapy must accord with the following two standards:
The first, bass is thick and heavy, content is rich; Medium, high should have transparent feeling tinnily, transmittance resembling this world passes a window same, have appeal.
The 2nd, the 3 element in music namely loudness, frequency, tonal 3 respects should have harmonious feeling.

Now, all sorts of music tape that sell in musical bookshop, you can use undertake the following kinds of musicotherapy:
1) realize ego, improve disposition. Those who carry music is revulsive, make oneself character charm is able to show. Have the person of character charm, the chance that realizes ego on the career is more, disposition is more optimistic also.
2) sublimate love feeling. Musical infection, make the person has positive sentiment and attractive nature, produce good human relationship, make between the couple more affectionate, the love between the men and women is successful.
3) the success that makes activity of career, society. Music lets you disentomb oneself potential faculty, call self-confident heart, score the success of the career.
4) development concentrated force, attention, memory, good result is obtained in activity of exam of matriculation, qualification, match.
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