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Depressed how to undertake musicotherapy
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5) stable mood, raise the life to get used to ability. For example, musical side is all sorts of insecurity that you remove to come by mood pressure, disturbed, promotion drive, develop potential ability of physical strength. Also be used to sometimes the help reduces weight, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline or disease of the insomnia that see need.

When undertaking musicotherapy, the environment that should notice the choice is right and make good intention manage prepare:
1) indoor light wants bright and downy, not too dim. Air wants pure and fresh, best and indoor plant of some flowers and plants, make the environment is full of life.
2) a face had better be washed before beginning listen respectfully music, regain consciousness brains; Or rub heats up both hands, massage face a few minutes with the centre of the palm, the effect will be better.
3) the repose that close eye, sit quietly moment, or do deep breathing exercise a few times.
4) when listen respectfully music mentation differs, the result is not same also, because musical choice and appreciate are a kind of intellectual activity,this is. Use positive attitude to be able to bring about mood intelligence benign change.

Now, the action that psychologist thinks musicotherapy is intellective to the mood, basically reflect in the following respects: To the esteem of individual and individual character; The self-awareness of ” of full human nature of ” of “ complete person or “ ; The development of the individual's volition and self-fulfilment purpose; The freedom of the choice; Understand another person, ego is accomplished to grow in good human relationship or self-fulfilment; Creativity development; Love; Supreme experience or touch an experience; Emotive self-respect.

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